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NEVER, EVER accept reference material from ANY teacher. Find your own! 

Uh, oh! Here's comes a sausage explosion. On the other hand, it was probably Michigan and they probably lost. 

Can one really fashion a kite to fly overnight? Really? 

How did that marriage end again? 

Now THAT was one hell of a sausage explosion! 

Nixon recorded EVERYTHING said in the Oval Office? You're kidding, right? He can't be THAT narcissistic! 

Why can't you marry your adopted second cousin? Because the family wouldn't approve? Oh, yeah, family... 

Flying down Sixth Street at 85 MPH and no cars were launched in this mythical drag race? Well, this is Podunk not Hollywood!

Take some advice here. When a guy wearing a ski mask points a gun at you and demands the money, just give him the f***ing sack of money! Okay?