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So, some rick kid's having a party at his parents' house out on the lake and you're not invited? That's gonna stop you? 

Can it get any better than this??? 

Yep, it keeps gettin' better and better... 

There was one advantage to your split shift starting at 7:30 AM. You could drop study hall and start at 8:30. 

Was there anything under the surface? Probably, but it may not have impressed you much. 

Even if they KNEW you were smoking dope, the Lake Police generally didn't ram your boat. At least, not very often. 

The ladies' man pops a wheelie...unintentionally... 

Ed never got on the bike after that... 

Non is now completely legal...whatever. 

What can three hicks possibly do to a John Deere lawn tractor? 

There was a term used by those of Non's generation to describe authority figures and it DIDN'T refer to Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

Country Boy sets the bar. 

Should there be any chance of meeting the girl of your dreams at a party, do NOT drink Everclear! Tho, it will stir the legend of Johnny the Wad. 

So, those jerks from the other dorm floor think they can whip you with THEIR big guy who quit the Big U's football team? Don't lose heart! YOU'VE got a massive behemoth who can throw the ball like Johnny U and a short, skinny runt who can catch it!