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How the sound man can keep the band and the patrons happy at the same time. No acid, tho. 

Non jams bluegrass style and flirts with a sister recruiting him for her affiliated fraternity. Huh? How's that gonna turn out? 

Pick a number. You'll never guess it! And Henry? The man who lied about bombing Cambodia and launched the Killing Fields? All for national security, of course. Didn't YOU feel secure?

What Mathematics people can do with numbers. 

It's amazing what one can do to influence hundreds of people with just a little ingenuity. 

For Non, it just wasn't meant to let's party! 

This was Daytona, Florida in 1975? 

Sometimes you're away for a while, come home and meet some stranger who turns out to be your brother. 

Hooking up with a babe met in Florida, more Greek shit, and musing about the ultimate irony. 

Fez, Ollie, The G.A. and heroin. Who can beat that? 

Ever wear a tux to a wedding that you're not a part of? Be the only one with dope and you can bear the humiliation. 

Punch cards and lines for printouts. Sounds like loads of fun. Sign me up! 

There's a reason why some people exclude others. 

When New Orleans' finest crashes the dope smokin' party, try this. 

Should you anticipate ejection from a fast-moving vehicle, wear an appropriate jacket. 

Amazing as it may seem, emergency room folks generally do not cut away leather flight jackets! Imagine that!