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Nothing like snoozing early New Year's Eve in a hospital bed. 

Get depressed easily, do you? You might skip this one. On the other hand... 

 If you've EVER smelled beer farts, you KNOW how rank that is. Try it in a small car with no hope of relief for hours!

Obviously, Mama with her little one(s) AND Papa running around would be little fodder for hitting up, wouldn't it? 

Non flies through these states unconscionably. Well, he paid all the tolls required. Who's to stop him? 

In the 70's everyone had a muscle car. Non is no exception, but did it have to be Starsky and Hutch? 

Roger DeKoester. Ever hear of him? You will.

Didn't take much. Just curling weights slipped on a bar, but, man, did it change things. 

You'll probably find the sarcasm dripping... 

Hmm. Some pieces are missing in this stereo arrangement. How do we fix this? 

 We'll let Non explain how this all went down...

Guess that weight curling had some effect... 

In case you were wondering, it took over thirty years to construct the interstate system as originally envisioned early in Eisenhower's administration. Of course, it was based on Hitler's autobahn. Gotcha!

Five feet four, tanned and full-bodied, blond and sweet in appearance, and once the Prof sets his seating chart, she sits next to you for the entire semester. Sometimes destiny smiles, deviously...

That little blond girl knew Non's housemates? Well, that IS a small world, isn't it?

Oh, and another change from curling weights... 

Single beer cans tend to disappear in a house shared with nine other college students. Ever notice that?

Well, she's a woman, Non. Women NEVER make it easy to figure them out. Plus, there's that twenty-nine day cycle. That tends to throw a wrench in there every now and then. 

That little blond girl hitches up to Non and won't leave. Where is this going? (That's the climax, you know.)