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Hear Excerpts from the Audio Version of Midnight Blue 2.0

Hear Excerpts from the Audio Version of fIdGits Book 1 Adolessons

Readers Talk Back About Midnight Blue

After the first two chapters, which are kind of sluggish, I couldn't put the book down. Every chapter ends in a way that I had to read the next one...   John A., Gainesville, Florida

I liked it. but everyone's spinning. He spins. She spins. There's just a lot of spinning...

Tom C., Reedsport, OR

I want everyone to read are my new best author...get busy...   Kathy R., Collins, Missouri

I liked it...My father liked it...he laughed and cried...

Lisa S., Chatham, Illinois

Coming Soon! Excerpts from the Audio Version of fIdGits Book 2 Moving

Coming Soon! Excerpts from the Audio Version of fIdGits Book 3 Road Runner

fIdGits Covers by Artist Elizabeth Mukerji 

Like those fIdGits covers? We do too!

All three are reproductions of original paintings by artist/painter Elizabeth Mukerji, who has been creating art and paintings for more than four decades. Elizabeth has won awards in major competitions and her original work has sold in the five figures.

You can own an original work by Ms. Mukerji through her portfolio on ebay.

Those front and back covers look fantastic, due to the efforts of photographer/graphic artist Richard Harrig, who also has many decades of experience in his field. Richard also snapped the author photo on Adolessons.

We're lucky to receive the contributions of both and it shows!