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Midnight Blue 2.0 Audiobook Synopsis

Excerpts from Midnight Blue 2.0 Audio Book

Midnight Blue 2.0 is available for purchase through our store! The download file requires a password to extract the audio files. We recommend you download first from here to ensure you have no problems with the download (500 MB file). Then, click the Buy Now button below to purchase from the store ($4.99) to receive the password.

Midnight Blue Print Synopsis

Signed copies of the First Edition of Midnight Blue (limited quantity) are available! Send an email to and the author will reply personally. Once the correspondence is established, come back and click the Buy Now button. $30.00

Can Midnight Blue be performed as a stage play? Well, here's a full version! 

Read it, build the sets (minimal, trust us) and put on a play no one else would dare!

Sample Playbill

Set Guide