Teaser 002: My Name is Gregory Hess

My name is Gregory Hess, for those of you who fail to recognize me, although that is not my name today, having changed it once again. Heck, I didn't even start out as Gregory Hess, but the name is so ancient I haven't acknowledged it in years, not that I bear any ill feelings about family. I don't. Some of you, however, have kept up a little with me over the intervening years and know that my concept of family evolved, so that blood and therefor surnames and the like means almost nothing to me. Even before I changed my name for the last time, and I'll get to it eventually, I would often state, “Blood is thicker than water but love is thicker than blood.” It's a quote often attributed to me and one I would make often as a statement of truth, because family is equivalent to love in my mind. Accidents of birth—which formulates your family by the way—are just that: accidents. Blood means nothing to me. Love means everything. Thus, in recognition of your love, I consider you family. You're family anyway, my cousins, an indeterminate number of generations removed. We're all family. Some of you hate the idea, even hate some of your family. They're a duality of life, love and hate. Can't have one without the other. They both take place in your mind, which means they are, or can be, under your control. Some of you long ago ceded such control, but it's your life. I have no say in it. You have no say in mine. This is the design. The omniscient one designed it. Wait 'til you hear about the omniscient one. It's part of this confession because I do remember hearing that one. I've heard a lot in my life, now mostly over, and you'll hear it too. You decide, should you also decide to use your brain for its function, which is to assume you have continued to retain control of that brain of yours. Granted it's a large assumption, also part of the design. The omniscient one is devious, no doubt about it, but since neither of us are in a position to understand fully, criticism is an exercise borne of inferiority and incapacity. We human beings are incapable of knowing. Accept it for what it is and live your own life.

- Just Desserts, Segment One “Welcome to Lost Anglos” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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