Teaser 010: They Admired the Consistency of My Insanity

When the shaking wouldn't stop it was beer time, but not break time. Up to pop open a beer can and back to the chair before the computer. The entire screenplay was written this way, an original screenplay from scratch in less than a week, with entire sections written under the most extreme caffeine buzz, immediately followed by an entire section written with an alcohol-induced lethargy. Some who have actually read the screenplay—all screenwriters who did so only because my screenplay was nominated for an Oscar—claimed they could see the caffeine-buzzed parts and the alcohol-influenced parts.

“What do you have to say about that, Gregory?”

“It's words, nothing but words, and probably too many, but I don't see it. It all reads the same to me. I wanted to write it as one big, long word, so you'd have to figure out where each individual word begins and ends, where each sentence begins and ends, each paragraph's beginning and ending, and no white space. But we insert the white space and punctuation and formatting to make it easier on the reader, but a big, long word sounds better to me. It's how it's stored on a computer, one big, long word, all zeroes and ones. It's all a computer stores, zeroes and ones, on and off, something there and not there. You gotta love computers, they store files in a unique pattern of billions, trillions, gazillions of zeroes and ones, and for any understanding derived from these zeroes and ones, computers store programs in unique patterns of more billions, trillions, gazillions of zeroes and ones, each file one big, long word. That's what I wanted to write, no white space, no punctuation, capitalization or formatting, one big, long word...and see if you could figure it out. I thought about that whether I was buzzed on caffeine or drunk on beer.” There’s my answer. They all think I'm crazy but many voted for me anyway. They admired the consistency of my insanity.

- Just Desserts, Segment One “Welcome to Lost Anglos” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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