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fIdGits Book Adolessons published May 2011

fIdGits Book 1 Adolessons

Opening Act, Introduction

Sex, drugs and rock n roll or growing up in the seventies. There's a difference?  Publishers meet the wife of a man who is missing. After persistent pleading they offer to crack the password of some files of a memoir left by the missing man. They do and open up the tale of "the man with no description," Non DeScript, a diary of hilarious adventures and debauchery, vintage 70's style. Book 1 begins late 1969, with shooting the tube and swats from school personnel, through high school inanity, and into the solemn atmosphere of university academia, with bottle rockets shot down hallways into end rooms and overflowing toilets, drinking, smoking weed and fags, and swallowing acid tabs to the max. Occasionally the narrator admits attending class, if only to listen to the inanity from the lips of revered professors. Can't miss that and you don't have to. Click the link at right and read excerpts for yourself!