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Notable Selections from fIdGits Book 1 Adolessons

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From Opening Act, Introduction


From Act One, End of the Sixties 

From Act Two, Into the Breach 

From Act Three, Staggering Through Last Rites, Part One 

From Act Four, Staggering Through Last Rites, Part Two


From Act Five, Is There Life After Your Friends Leave You? 

From Act Six, They Call Me the Working Man


From Act Seven, The Herald of Op. Cit and Ibid


From Act Eight, Senator, I Cannot Recall That at This Time

From Act Nine, One More Year and This Too Shall Pass


From Act Ten, Excuse Me While I Bail On Your Sorry Ass


From Act Eleven, The Summer of Irony


From Act Twelve, Welcome to Massively Higher Education


From Act Thirteen, Spring Semester, Spring Break and FLA


From Act Fourteen, Gravity


From Act Fifteen, The Great Depression


From Act Sixteen, Variable(s) Plus Constant Equals Change