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fIdGits Book 2 Moving published Nov. 2013

fIdGits Book 2 Moving

Act Nineteen, Of Birthdays and Birthday Suits

Racy, crude and profane. Sex delivered like a play by play from your best friend. And why not? Most of you didn't grow up in the 70's. You have no clue. This wasn't the 60's, the decade of "free love." Those posers in the 60's talked because there was still inhibition. Not in the 70's, Jack! Not only were boys and men ready to experiment sexually, girls and women jumped right in. And there were a LOT from which to choose, ready to go and get it on, not like those 60's posers. But you know EVERYTHING about the 70's, don't you? Your parents told you all about it, right? Just like your parents told you grass and acid was perfectly fine. Remember them telling you that? They didn't? Yeah, they told you everything. You don't know shit about the 70's, but if you click that link to the right, you'll not only learn about the 70's, you might actually appreciate the style and the honesty which reeks throughout every page. But if you're weak and meek, sit down in front of the boob tube and watch The Simpsons. You'll do us both a favor!