SchussProse Publishing

Midnight Blue 2.0 published Mar. 2011

Midnight Blue Synopsis

Chapter 6, The Future Past

A quaint, funny, charming, lighthearted tale punishment.  Gordon Schell quits his job in a petulant act, and that means his wife, Rosita, and the three kids have no source of income unless Rosita goes back to work as a waitress, which she hates. The following day the police investigate a murder that occurred the night before and a witness fingers the photo of Gordon as the suspect seen leaving the house. The detectives make a visit to Gordon and when he conveniently "forgets" that he knows the victim and has been to her house once, and prints from that house are matched to him, Gordon Schell is arrested tried, convicted and sentenced to death for a crime you know he didn't commit, or did he? When Gordon refuses to display remorse and his execution date is set, it's a race against time for Manny, the appeals attorney, to convince the court that they intend to execute an innocent man. Written in present tense as a challenge to the literati, you can read excerpts from the entire novel when you click the link to the right. Have at it! We promise it won't turn you into a vampire, or at least a very efficient one...

Midnight Blue is available as an audio book, print copies of the First Edition are available in limited quantities, and a stage play and screenplay have been written. You can check them all here.