Teaser 022: Glasses and How One Looks

I clicked on some folders until I reached my compile folder for my books. I opened the file for Road Runner. “That's what you were talking about, Will. Chapter thirty-three, 'Rosita.'” I moved the screen down to the third paragraph but remembered I needed my old man glasses. “Excuse me for a moment.” I reached into my backpack, pulled out the glass case, removed the glasses and put them on. “Needed my old man glasses.”

“You need glasses, too?”

“I need glasses for reading mostly. I had a prescription but they broke and I never replaced them.”

“There's another stop tomorrow!” Serena barked. “You'll get glasses, too.” I looked at her through the glasses. Her appearance was a bit skewed. “Don't look at me like that!”

I took off the glasses. “May I look at you like this?” I crossed my eyes.

There was a bit of laughter but Serena was not amused. “Not like that either. You've probably done it too often in your life and it's why you need glasses, you nutball!”

“You know me too well, you, firecracker, you.” I put my glasses on amid the chuckles. It occurred to me I had not said yet the question Serena asked. Better get to it. “Okay, so you saw her picture.”

“She doesn't really look like me.”

I clicked back to the picture. “I never said she was your identical twin, Serena. Meet the young Serena's sister, not only in resemblance, but in about every aspect of their personalities, too.”

Will suggested, “She does look a lot like a young Serena, the pictures I've seen of you, Serena, in your twenties.”

“Well, I don't think she does,” Serena commented dismissively.

“No one ever does, Serena. People have often told me I look like this man or that man and I finally see this guy or a picture of him and in my opinion we don't really look anything alike. Some people think I look like Gary Oldman, others like Bill Paxson, and check this out.” I clicked through the pictures in the folder until I reached the one I wanted. I zoomed in. “Hey, look! It's Keanu Reeves!”

Everyone leaned closer. Drake exclaimed, “Shit! It does look like Keanu Reeves. That you?”

“1984, man. Certain poses, lighting, or suggestion, what your own mind superimposes on it, people can look very similar.” I caught Serena's gaze. “I have pictures of women in poses who look almost exactly like you do today.”

“Yeah? Well, let's see them.”

“Um, no.”

Serena did not like my answer. “No? And why not?”

“Private collection.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I'm not showing you those pictures.”

Ken was amused. “I think what Gregory means is those pictures are a little too revealing.”

Serena wore a look of disgust. “You don't really have pictures like that on there, do you?”

“A woman's body, to me, is beautiful. Every bit of it, every inch, is beautiful to me. I've seen quite a few bodies of women, some up close and personal, others in pictures, and they're all beautiful, alluring even, and I will never apologize because it's nothing to be ashamed of. You may find it disgusting. It's your opinion. If you do, you will always find it disgusting, find me disgusting. So be it.” Serena turned away. She was obviously very disappointed.

- Just Desserts, Segment ThreeA Taste of Mexican Hospitality” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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