Teaser 023: Female Nudity Versus Ewan McGregor

I assumed she was retrieving an opener, my opening to attempt to get a few things straight with this movie star. “You're pissed off at me, aren't you?”

She opened a drawer and removed a bottle opener. As she turned I walked closer to her, she handed it to me and stated, with unmistakable disdain, “You have pornography on your computer.”

“I have pictures of women wearing little or no clothing, lots of 'em.”

As I took the opener and popped off the top, shoving the cap in my pants pocket because I didn't want to ask where the trash receptacle was, Serena disdainfully repeated, “You have pornography on your computer.”

“I have nude pictures of women on my computer. I have nude pictures of Serena Dominguez, porn star, on my computer.”

That went over well. Serena spit, “I am not a porn star. I don't work in that business. They're disgusting!”

“You have appeared before a camera wearing little or no clothes, appearing nude, at times fully naked. You are a porn star.”

“I am not a porn star! I don't work in that business. It's a disgusting business and I know all about it, more than you do!”

“I don't give a fuck about the business. It isn't the business which defines pornography. It's something else. I want to know how you define pornography. At what level of nudity does it cross Serena's line? Women have appeared in mainstream movies completely nude, showing everything. It's not the business you're talking about. Is that pornography?”

“Yes!” She was as vehement as I was. “It's pornography!”

“Now, we're getting somewhere. Pornography to you, apparently, depends on what is revealed. That's funny. I find it hilarious. Take Ewan McGregor, probably the most daring actor in your biz, and he's shown everything. You can rent more than one movie where he shows everything, even his penis. All of it, but that's the funny thing about the human body, or the differences in the bodies between a man and a woman. A man stands before you fully naked and there it all is. Nothing's hidden. But a woman stands before you fully naked and something's still missing. No, she has to pose in a different position before her vagina is visible. So what's the mystery level which Serena considers pornography? Is Ewan McGregor's penis pornography?” Serena wouldn't answer. “No? Well, let's see. Serena herself has revealed her breasts. There was probably a business discussion about it. If she shows her breasts we'll probably get another few million male adults to the theater. But it'll cost you another million. Done! What about Serena's bare ass? That has some appeal to a few million male adults, heck, maybe even females. Another million? Done. What about Serena fully frontally nude? Her bush certainly has some appeal, maybe male, maybe female. Two million? Done. But what about Serena's vagina? If we could show that, we could draw millions and millions and millions of audience, both genders, it's only a matter of money. How much will Serena demand for her vagina? There's gotta be a price. Everyone has a price. Everyone will do anything for a price.” Our eyes were locked and hers were fuming. With my peripheral vision I could see her cocking and loading, so when her right arm swung to my face, I caught her wrist with my left hand. “So, that's Serena's line for pornography, her vagina, her pussy. I'm glad we had this discussion. Serena drops a few notches on my desirability chart, which makes me feel better, since I know she's a hypocrite.” I pushed her arm down, released it, turned and took a gulp from the beer bottle, walking slowly back to the Great Room. Serena hadn't moved. “I have a story to finish and you deserve the truth, or you can stand here in your opulent, extravagant kitchen and sulk. At this moment I don't really fucking care either way.”

- Just Desserts, Segment ThreeA Taste of Mexican Hospitality” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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