Teaser 041: Serena Suggested I Use the Spa

Serena suggested I use the spa in the bathroom. “It would be better than a shower, Gregory. You can sit back in the tub with the spa running in hot water. You'd feel a lot better.”

Will said, “You should try it.”

Serena stood. “Cumon. I'll show you how to use it and get it started for you.” She waved at me so I stood to follow her. “I'll show you some things in the bathroom you may not know about or noticed. There's a lot in there.”

I followed her as far as my bedroom. “Let me get my stuff.” She waited a few steps beyond and I gathered up the clothes and cleaning items I needed, walked to the hall, and closed the door behind me. Serena turned around and I followed her to the turn in the wing where the bathroom was located. She opened the door and I stepped into the bathroom behind her. Once I was inside she closed the door behind me—which I thought was unusual for showing me the spa—and locked the door. When she turned to me, she grabbed the handful I was cradling in my arms, flopped them on the counter, turned and pushed me against the wall. A second later her face was against mine and her mouth pushed hard against mine, as she wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me tight against her. I thought there was something up with showing me the spa and other things. What are the rest thinking?

If Serena could read my mind she either didn't pay attention or she didn't care. I thought the latter choice was more appropriate for my current situation, so five seconds later I was fighting back. The top she wore looked like a tent she threw over her body and when I shoved my right hand up the front I was soon pushing up her left breast. So she wears something which looks like a tent and no bra either? This woman is full of surprises. I shoved my left hand under the tent and rubbed and squeezed her breasts with both hands freely. She came at me harder. I could feel her nipples growing with the action, but those white shorts needed attention, too. I shoved my right hand under the loose elastic of the shorts, under her panties and I was rubbing bare ass. That's it. She's wearing disposable clothes and the only indication she's giving me is she wants it. Well, little girl, let's go.

Serena instantly leaned her head back from mine. “A man of honor would demand a rematch after being so thoroughly whipped the night before. Are you such a man, Gregory?”

I pushed her gently toward the counter. “You get yourself up here facing the mirror, my most desirous opponent.” Serena turned around and reached the counter, bending slightly. I walked to the middle of the sink, opened one of the bottom doors and removed my parcheesi game which I had placed there earlier this morning for such an emergency. “And I shall deliver to you the thrashing you deserve, my tempting Mexican hostess.”

Which is precisely how it turned out, since the gods above smiled down on me this morning and I beat Serena into submission, though she was quite willing to go this route all along. Often she would bend over the counter studying the board more closely and I would tease her during such a show, being bent over so provocatively, and I never considered a single one of my teases crossing the line, since there are few rules prohibiting such teasing in parcheesi. When one such tease resulted in her orgasm is merely an example of the fortunes of parcheesi battle. When in a last-ditch, last-gasp effort she finally finagled an orgasm out of me as well serves as the example Serena was picking up on the game. She was beginning to enjoy the thrust and parry, though she did mention during a moment when I was studying the board intensely they don't play parcheesi much in Mexico.

In defeat she looked up at me in the mirror. “The linen closet is over there near the spa-shower.” I pulled up my pants to mid thigh, holding them there and walking awkwardly, turned on the hot water on one of the sinks, and glanced to her. She was starting to pull up her shorts and I admonished, “Don't do that! Wipe yourself first.” Serena stopped. I reached the closet, opened it, removed a washcloth and walked awkwardly back to the sink. I tested the water and it was already hot. Impressive. I put the cloth under the water, soaked it, squeezed out the excess and reached to Serena while she reached toward me and took the warm, wet cloth. This, incidentally, is how one should conclude a parcheesi skirmish between attracting combatants, as long as a bathroom is within a reasonable stroll and beyond the observation of any neutral party. Parcheesi is all-encompassing. It's the only activity I assign exclusivity. Neutrals are excluded, though parcheesi has room for a third and even fourth combatant. I would become familiar with those extended battlefields, too, since the game is popular the world over. Imagine that.

- Just Desserts, Segment FiveTossing Another Monkey Wrench” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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