Teaser 049: Interactions with Little Boy

It was still early in the evening when I pulled out, slowed by the traffic some, and reached the interstate, once I took care of Little Boy. He was doing pretty good and didn't give me too much lip. I didn't tell him about Mildred. I figured he'd give me lip about her, something like, “Yeah, well, I've been neutered, so don't talk to me about it. It's still a sensitive subject for me.” Sometimes, he forgets he's a really old man in cat years. I drove about another hour and a half and pulled off the interstate for a motel. “Allow pets?” I had never asked this question to a motel clerk ever.

“Yeah. Five dollars a night.”

I paid the man and went to the room to put my overnight bag and computer inside. We went out for some quick eats and Little Boy and I settled in for the night, until he woke me up in pitch blackness so he could get out and do his business. “Wake up and open the door,” Little Boy whined. “You know the door knob is too high for me. Why did you pick this place?” I didn't argue.

- Just Desserts, Segment SixLet’s Get This Party Started” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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