Teaser 054: What Happens When You Don’t Believe

My afternoon deflecting the media skepticism about me with the grace and dignity of a show biz pro with years, decades, of experience, set me on fire. The screenwriter had read a copy of my screenplay and was thoroughly impressed. “How long did it take to write it?” he asked. “Six days,” I replied and his jaw dropped. Thus began my speech about belief in me, specifically, and what it meant when one should believe in me so little their expectations are blown away. Blown away on the screenplay. Check. To be blown away on my role as finance producer. Another check. I'll land the part of Gustavo, I predicted, and blow away the entire world's expectations. Check. And the cards I'm holding once the movie is ready to roll out in theaters? I know what you'll do because I know what every independent does. I'll call your bluff, show my hand, because I know what I'm holding and I know what you're holding, and when you see my cards, you'll fold. Another check. Serena asked what it could possibly be. I told her in business, like poker, you never show your hand until the time is right. I'll never show my hand until then, but I already know it's a winner. I had stepped into a show of bravado uncharacteristic of me, I was laying out all the checks where I would blow away people's expectations of me and expose how little they believed in me.

“Frankly, what I have learned in my six decades of experience on this big blue spaceship hurtling through the galaxy, is when people believe in me so little that I consistently blow away their expectations, I come to realize they don't deserve to have me around, and I have to walk away from them, walk away from their endeavors because they are now pointless to me. Either believe in me fully and completely or do it yourself, by yourself. You don't deserve my help or my presence, since there are many other things for me to accomplish in this world and I can do it without your participation. Should you wish to participate, you'll be welcome, and we'll partner, to an extent. Ultimately, though, you'll participate to a level I choose. It is, after all, something I am compelled to accomplish. It's my ass on the line, not yours.”

- Just Desserts, Segment SixLet’s Get This Party Started” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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