Teaser 062: Have You Wiped a Vagina Before?

I walked into her bathroom while Jennifer was still tied in the straps...“Where are you going? Are you going to untie me soon?”

“To wipe off.” I looked for a washcloth, found one and ran it under hot water.

“Are you going to untie me?

“I like you this way,” I walked out of the bathroom holding the washcloth. “You're calm and restrained, nothing like you were when I first got here.” Her hair-strewn face looked peeved. “Okay, so where's all your sex gear, Jennifer?” She lifted her head higher and tried to flip it to get her hair out of her eyes unsuccessfully.

“What do you mean, sex gear?”

I sat down on the edge of the bed and reached for her face. “You really have to do something about your hair.” I brushed her hair from her eyes. “Who does your hair, by the way?”

“Will you untie me please?”

“Where's the sex gear, Jennifer?” I walked to the first closet. “I'm curious about what you have I could have used to hurt you.”

“You don't need to know. You weren't going to use it anyway.”

“Is it behind this door?” I slid open the door. Clothes, lots of them. I stepped to the next. “Or this one?” I slid it open. Shoes to the ceiling. I turned to Jennifer and she was watching me while pulling at the straps like she could actually get out of them. I flipped my thumb in the shoe closet. “Do you have wading boots, in case it rains?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Two down.” I walked to the next one. “Six more to go.”

“Down there! All the way at the end!” I strolled to the last closet, which was the smallest of the lot and very disappointing. “Goddam you, Gregory! You are such a fuck!”

“It's because I practice. You can't get good at anything if you don't practice.” I slid it open. There it was, all the sexual paraphernalia for all the weirdest, kinkiest, most disgusting sexual and non-sexual acts one may imagine. Whips, dildoes, paddles, chains, ropes, gag devices, kinky outfits like bras with holes in them for the nipples to stick through, stools, shock devices, and more, enough to start her own adult store. There were plenty of drawers, too, but I didn't bother to look in any. “This would be the place.” I turned around and she could barely see me. I strolled to my pants in a leisurely manner, lifted them to remove the cell phone, and said, “Maybe I can call your latest boyfriend or, hey, some of your girlfriends and have them come over and untie you, or maybe they'll leave you tied up and hurt you, since I really failed on that one. Sorry. Gimme a number. I'll call them and put the phone to your mouth and you can ask them yourself.” I sat on the edge of the bed, ready to dial.

You hurt me!”

I scoffed. “Hardly, dear. Pleasure, then pain, pleasure, then pain, because if I wanted to hurt you, Jennifer, you would still be screaming in agony.” I turned over and leaned on my stomach so my face was close to hers and Jennifer glared at me. I held out the phone. “No number? No call?” I rose from the bed and set the phone on the nightstand. I returned to the bed on my stomach and reached for the strap around her left wrist and began undoing it. “Just as well, I guess. Fortunately, your role in the movie won't take much time out of your busy bondage, domination, S & M thing ya got goin' here, and it's good for you. You'll get back to your kinky, disgusting, depraved shit in no time, and I'll get back to my shit and hope I never run into you again.” I freed her left arm and Jennifer jerked it under her stomach. I crawled and climbed over her, careful I didn't bump her with my limp penis, and began undoing the strap on her right wrist. When I freed her hand she rolled to her side and sat up on her knees. Turning toward her she cocked and loaded and slapped me hard on my left cheek. It turned my head. I knew it would be red soon. Trying to rise from the bed and, perhaps, get away from me, I instead lunged for her, pulled her down and twisted her on her back. I pushed and held her arms up even with her head. “Lay here on your back for a minute, will you, please?”

“Why?” She was seething. “So you can hurt me some more?”

“So I can get you a warm washcloth to wipe yourself.” I studied her face for a moment and her anger seemed to subside. I released her arms and she left them where they were. Hopping off her I grabbed the washcloth from the floor and strolled into the bathroom. “I don't know what it is with some of you women. Ya gotta get up right away, pull your clothes on over all that so it dries on your clothes and your body. Maybe it's because you're disgusted or embarrassed. I have no clue, but with all of it encrusted around your vagina, it sure makes it inviting for the cunning linguist.” I came out of the bathroom with the warm washcloth and caught Jennifer's gaze. I shook my head. “I don't think so.” Her expression was calm until she finally smiled. She still had her arms up in surrender and she looked quite inviting. I smiled back as I sat on the edge of the bed and handed the washcloth to her.

She wouldn't take it. “Will you wipe me? Have you wiped a vagina before?”

I laughed as I scooted toward her. “Please, Jennifer, I have two grown daughters. I've wiped vaginas thousands of times.” I wiped her slowly, gently, pushing the cloth down between her legs over the curves of her bare ass, all around the inside of her thighs and over her crotch and bush. “There.”

- Just Desserts, Segment SevenStar Alignment” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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