Teaser 094: Events from the Movie Premiere

I hated watching the movie, not for what I was seeing on the screen, but we had to sit up near the front. We would have to answer questions at the end and it was easier to have everyone who was expected to answer questions be near the front. The most surprising event was getting through all the nude scenes with Jennifer and no one said anything in the audience and no one was retching either. With Serena watching intently on my left, Jennifer leaned to me on my right and whispered, “I'd like to do that again soon. You know where I'm staying tonight.” I did indeed.

The movie concluded and a few stood to clap. I knew the ending was right. Most of the movie is light-hearted, but with the dual tragedies, to end it light-hearted with the sex references brings it back to where it should be.

Question and answer followed with most of us standing at the front. I commandeered a table and sat on the edge. One of the first questions concerned my adventure in Seattle and I answered it as I did with the reporter but John ended with the announcement to please keep the questions to the movie. Someone asked me what it was like to work with Jennifer during the romantic scenes. “Well, when Jennifer signed, I thought, 'I'm going to be spending several hours with this woman while she has little or no clothes on. That can't be bad!' Then, she comes on the set for the first scene, takes off her robe and she's standing there fully naked, and I said, 'Wow! I hope I don't get kicked outta bed!'” A few questions later someone asked me if it was embarrassing for me to appear nude. “I had no qualms about it because you can't see anything without an electron microscope and I figured no one would be packing one in a theater.” The follow-up was, “What about the three guns scene?” “That was my stand-in. Looks just like me, huh?” One of the last questions to me asked if I wrote the screenplay for Serena. “Well, I wrote it with Serena in mind, but I wrote it for John, because after our first meeting I thought John was under the impression I had written a screenplay, which I kinda led him to believe.” I rolled my eyes and looked innocently around. “So I thought I better write it quick or he might lose interest.” The very last question before we would all head to the party asked me about the horse I rode the entire movie. It was a topic of constant conversation and wonder during the shoot. “Well, first, the horse's name is Henry, and when I heard it I thought, What a coincidence. I'm going to be riding a horse named after my grandfather. Henry followed me around on the set everywhere. He'd come up behind me and nudge me and I started carrying sugar cubes and then scolding him, 'You've had enough. Behave!' And he'd look at me with those big, liquid eyes...” Serena interrupted, “This horse would come up slowly behind Gregory and put his nose right on Gregory's shoulder until Gregory would rub him and talk to him. I've never seen anything like it.” I added, “I say I love human beings because human beings are all that's worth loving, which kinda leaves out animals, but I really grew to love Henry, so I'd have to say, 'I love that horse.' I'm going to visit the owner soon and see Henry again.”

Serena, Jennifer and I rode together to the party and were one of the first from the premiere to arrive. I had given two packages to John to place near the stage where the band was playing so as we walked in and were greeted by many from the production, I turned to Serena. “Come with me.” Immediately, I turned to Jennifer. “Come with me.” Still holding each by an arm I led them to the table and grabbed the smaller package, about the size of a ring. I handed it to Serena. She asked what it was and I said in due time. I grabbed the other package, a little bigger, and handed it to Jennifer. I leaned against the table while the two moved before me, tearing open the packages. “They're not much, little tokens of my appreciation for both of you, something which will remind you of me, but I didn't want to give it to you before the premiere. I know you spent a lot of time considering what to wear and I didn't want to interfere.” Serena had hers opened first and removed a gold necklace with a small leaping golden jaguar at the end. Serena smiled when she saw it. “It's a cat, my dear. Women are cats. I had the necklace set in length so it hangs between your breasts when you wear it. When it moves and touches one of those beautiful breasts, I hope it reminds you of me.” She threw it over her head and it hung down a couple inches below the top of her breasts. Serena hugged and kissed me. Jennifer had opened her package and she held two bracelets, both silver, one with lions chasing each other as they swirled around, and the other with tigers chasing each other swirling around the band. “Lions and tigers, Jennifer. Women are cats. Should you decide, please wear them both, one on each wrist. In this way you'll be tied up with me.” Jennifer immediately put the lions band on her left wrist and the tigers on her right. She hugged and kissed me.

- Just Desserts, Segment ElevenRepercussions” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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