Teaser 103: This Doesn’t Seem Very Fair To Me

Once the sixth week's take came in, The True Cross had collected over one hundred million at the box office. My take as an actor was a million. I stood to make even more as a producer. My take as a producer, incidentally, was the smallest. I never complained or made any serious mention of it, but it still stands. I will always make the smallest amount as an owner of the movie. It's a statement of fact. What I did accomplish was shake up the entire movie industry. I demonstrated an independent could make a movie from scratch and put it in theaters world-wide to make huge sums, providing the product is worthy. This is how everybody in the industry denigrates what we did, perhaps what I did. If it's worthy. Well, the public decides worth and since nobody in the industry currently trusts the public, no one ever has a clue what's worthy and what's not. While I was there I trusted the public and we were rewarded, I was rewarded, handsomely, I might add. I thank you all. Take a bow.

John and I met in his office after the sixth week announcement. “I suppose you're going to be headed out of town soon.”

“You don't really need me to promote any more, John, do you?”

“Not really.”

“You act like you're never going to see me again, John. You should know some night, late at night or very early in the morning, your buzzer at your driveway gate is going to go berserk, and when someone finally answers, from your speaker will come these words. 'It's Gregory. Can Little John come out and play? He's not grounded is he?'”

John laughed heartily and I smiled triumphantly. When he gathered himself, he responded, “You know, I would really love it.” He paused for a moment and added, “But we'd have to tell you we can't let you in, Gregory, because it's past your curfew. Go home.”

“There you go again, letting your adult side ruin all the fun.”

Serena planned a finale party. Everyone was invited. I replied to my oral invitation with, “We'll see.” I never drove there. I never had any real intention to drive there. I called Chuck and some of the bad boys and I ripped it up instead. Chuck knew about the party. Why wasn't I there? I felt like spending some time with my kindred cousins. I think Serena had given up on me. She didn't even bother to call and ask where I was. Well, one more fling in the books. Hey, at least it was with one of the most beautiful, famous and successful women in the world. This always keeps people talking.

Esperanza and I made our peace, and the closer I got to leaving day, the more she wanted me to spend time with her. I had mixed feelings about spending so much time with her. One night I said, “I came here to West Hollywood and really all of this to achieve the dreams I had and I accomplished them all, with the help I received. If there's anything to this soul mate business, though, I finally met her, because she really understands me, loves me, at times cherishes me, and I feel all of this with her, but she's young, ambitious, smart and knows where her life is going and it's what drives her, not tying herself to an old man who'll be dead before half her life is over, and this doesn't seem very fair to me.” I cried because I truly meant it. I could feel Esperanza's tears fall on my chest because she wouldn't raise her head to look at me.

- Just Desserts, Segment TwelveVeni! Vidi! Vici!” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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