Teaser 155: The Last Chapter Hasn’t Been Written Yet

Drake left soon after, and with only the four of us again I felt more comfortable. John's words, though, played in my mind like a broken record. Serena tried to remain calm and unaffected, sitting next to me motionless. I thought of many things to say, like riding into Hollywood after my adventures in Africa and India to rescue the poor damsel in vanity distress and ride off into the sunset. I would have said it differently but any reasonably intelligent person would have gotten the gist. I settled for, “The term 'star-crossed lovers,' Serena, is an old literary term used to describe two people whose paths cross and in a short period grow to love and cherish each other immensely but, due to some twist of fate, of destiny, drift apart, and will never be together for the rest of their lives but will never be able to stop thinking of the other and what that little time and that enormous love represented.”

Serena turned to me with an expression of anticipation. “Do you think it's what will happen to us, Gregory?”

I looked to Serena with uncertainty. “I don't know, Serena. All I know is this. If you follow the analogy, the literary premise John made reference to, the last chapter hasn't been written yet. That's the one with the big climax, you know.” Serena smiled. “I know where you live, woman. I will always know where you live. I'll know how to find you. You'll know how to find me. If I can't stand the heartache, I'm coming for you. If you can't stand the heartache, you better come for me.” Serena slipped her arms around me and held me tight, resting her head against my shoulder.

- Just Desserts, Segment NineteenAnother Show in Chicago” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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