Teaser 160: What Do You Think Could Possibly Pop Up?

In the morning Serena and I were up first. She lifted the phone immediately and called down for coffee. We put on robes and chatted and played with each other in the main room until the coffee arrived. Once it was on the table and the bell person left, I suggested we take a bath together. Serena loved the idea. “We have never taken a bath together. What do you have on your mind, old man?”

“Oh, I thought I'd wash your back and you wash mine, I'd wash your hair and you wash mine, and if anything pops up, well, gosh! We'll probably have to deal with it.”

“What do you think could possibly pop up?” Serena asked as innocently as she could muster.

“Now I'm not sure, but I always love a surprise. Surprise me!”

We kept the bedroom door closed so the other girls could sleep undisturbed, and I gently opened the door and checked. Both were still asleep because it was early. Since we had everything we needed in the bathroom and were wearing robes, we slipped into the bathroom. I led and after Serena closed the door silently she locked it. “Don't lock the door. They may need to use the bathroom. I think both have enough sense to knock first, and if we're in the middle of something, I'll ask them to wait a few minutes.”

“All right,” Serena agreed, as she unlocked the door, removed her robe and draped it over a hook on the back of the door. She looked to me all smiles, naked and beautiful. “I don't suppose you stop thinking about others, do you, Gregory?”

“I'm not perfect.” I set my robe on another hook, turned and slipped my arms around her. “I make mistakes and you know it, but I try to remember I'm not the only one here, not in this space, this time, this life, this planet.”

In her deep and sultry voice, she said, “Yes, but you're mine, now.” She reached down and grasped my penis. “And this belongs to me.”

I looked at her with mock severity. “Now, Serena, my love, I am the writer. If you want to be a writer, you have to come up with your own lines and stop stealing mine. That's plagiarism.”

Serena released my penis, reached around me and spanked my ass. “Shut up and get the bath ready. You belong to me.”

...We lounged in the bath, taking our time, watching Jana first, followed by Jennifer, timidly enter the bathroom to do their business. Both protested initially but managed to overcome their reluctance. “I suppose the next time we all do this together, we should demand two bathrooms,” I observed. “What do you think, my love?”

“We should insist,” Serena agreed.

John came down early and the gals let him in. “Where are the two lovebirds?”

Jennifer replied, “In the bath getting wrinkled and old, I imagine.”

John, in his usual impeccable manner, went right through the bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door. “Are you two treading water? You haven't drowned in there, have you?”

“John! So nice of you to drop in. If you enter I will have to kill you.”

“Now, be nice,” Serena advised.

“Excuse me. Have a cup of coffee first! Then I will kill you.”

“That's better,” Serena commented.

“I'll wait out here, Gregory. I have no intention of entering. I do not want to see that, but Oprah called and made some plans for all of us tonight. Take your time and when you come out, we'll talk. And I am going to have some of your coffee. Thank you.”

- Just Desserts, Segment NineteenAnother Show in Chicago” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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