Teaser 189: A Movie Idea With Andrea As a Lead

In the morning I told Drake and Andrea how stunned I was when Will said he may have as much as fifty million committed from people in the movie business alone. Drake sat on the sofa sipping his coffee with a blank expression when he commented, “It doesn't surprise me.” When I continued to look at him in disbelief, he added, “Andrea and I have committed a million each.” He took another casual sip from his coffee.

When I looked to Andrea in disbelief, she asked, “How do you like them apples, old man?”

I laughed. “You're not going to adopt more kids, are you, Andrea?”

We all laughed except Andrea. “You think you can stop me, Gregory?”

“I couldn't stop you if I had an army with me, Andrea.”

“Wise beyond your years, Gregory.”

“Wise from the years since I met you. Opposing you is hopeless. I surrender.” I paused for a moment. “When I think about it, I would like to do a movie with you and I have just the idea.”

Andrea smiled widely and Drake sat up. “Let's hear it, Gregory,” Andrea said calmly.

Now it was my turn to smile. “Here's the scoop. We've known each other for years. We were never romantically inclined, due to our ages, but we're drawn by our intellect, our demeanor, our sense of humor, and over the years we've helped each other climb the ladder of success, yet our sense of humor has evolved to shameless teasing, so that now we take it to the point of sabotaging the other's business deals until the other realizes who's behind it and the first one steps in and saves the day. Gotcha!”

Andrea's smile grew even wider. “I like it so far. What else?”

“So here's a typical scene. I know now you're behind the latest fiasco, so I storm to your door, pound on it, screaming your name, demanding you open the door because I know it's you. You open the door holding a cell phone to your ear, saying, 'That's right. As far as I'm concerned it was all a misunderstanding. He's right here and he has apologized to me profusely, so I'm satisfied there is nothing standing in your way.' There's a pause and you say, 'And I will tell him as far as you're concerned, it's a go, Gerhard.' That's the name of the character I've been working this deal. You look at me with a straight face and say, 'Gerhard says it's a go. I'm sorry. You were saying?' I am still fuming and without a word I turn away from you and start stomping down the walk and you shout, 'Is that how you greet people now? You pound on their door until it opens and you just turn and walk away? Where's my hug?' I turn around and slowly come back to you and reluctantly put my arms around you and give you a very light hug. You, of course, sense my complete reluctance, so you pat my cheek and say, 'That's what I want from you, to show me you can take it like a man. Now it's your turn. I'm looking forward to it, little boy.' I release you still fuming, turn and stomp down your walk and say loud enough for you to hear, 'Good! Look forward to begging me to stop, little girl, because I won't until you do!' And you shout, 'Yes! Make it good! Every woman dreams of it, that it will be something they'll never forget. And make it last, too! I'll be so disappointed if it ends prematurely.' End of scene.”

Everyone was laughing and Andrea exclaimed, “I love it! I want to do that scene with you.” I smiled at her. I wanted to do that scene with her, too. “How would this story end, though, Gregory?”

I smiled but shrugged my shoulders. “I don't know. I have to think about it.” Andrea pouted.

Drake smiled. “You should end up together, end up as a couple, because you've been there for each other when romances disintegrated, and the teasing has escalated so that one almost couldn't be saved, and you realize the only way it should end is the two of you together. That's how it should end.” Drake and Andrea gazed at each other and Andrea nodded.

When Andrea looked back to me she could see in my face my reluctance to accept the idea. “Don't you think it's how it should end for two characters whose lives are so intertwined? That they should surrender to each other and become the romantic partners they've both been suppressing?”

I smiled. “I think it's a good ending, so don't get me wrong. It's just I don't think I want to end up in a romantic portrayal with you, Andrea.”

Both Drake and Andrea asked, “Why not?” They glanced to each other and Andrea added, “It's only a story, Gregory, and we're actors.”

“Yes, it's only a story and we're actors, Andrea, but how far do you want to take the romantic conclusion?”

“You mean what we would show?”

Exactly!” Both Drake and Andrea wore bemused expressions. I couldn't stop smiling, but I launched into it anyway. “Look, let's get to the heart of the matter. Doing romantic scenes with Jennifer was easy. She was single. Doing the one romantic scene with Diane was easy, too. Though she's married, it was only the one scene, and nothing was ever going to come from it, because I didn't feel that way about Diane.” I looked directly to Drake. “I don't feel that way about Andrea, either, Drake-”

“You mean, if we have kissing scenes or even more,” Andrea interrupted, “you're not telling me you're going to have an erection, are you?” She looked at me in disbelief, glanced to Drake, who was trying to suppress a smirk, and turned back to me. “No!?” Her face burst into a smile and when Drake laughed, she laughed and Lena did too.

I rolled my eyes and tried to keep a serious look. “Well, it would make me feel awkward, Andrea. You're married to a man who's like a brother to me-”

“You don't have the discipline, Gregory?” Drake interrupted. “Isn't that what you said, you weren't sure you had the discipline?”

“I have the discipline, Drake. With Andrea, yes. With Diane, yes. She's married. Andrea's married. I have the discipline because my honor's at stake, but how are you gonna feel, bro, knowing we're doing a scene with kissing and rubbing and squeezing and I'm lying on top of your wife with a hard-on?” I glanced to Andrea. “I can't say with a big hard-on, because it's not big.”

Everyone laughed. “We're all professionals, Gregory,” Andrea assured me. “I can handle it. I've handled it before. I'll tease you about it...when it pops up.” More laughter.

“Like I said, Andrea, with you, I surrender. Please note the white flag waving over my head.” Me and my big mouth. Now I was committed to two movie stories. I'm never going to get out of this business. I knew the buzz from a movie like this with Andrea and me would be enormous and Drake sealed it.

“You have to put me in there as your best friend, Gregory.”

“Oh, you'll have to be, Drake, so we can have a scene where I introduce you to Andrea and as she walks away in her slinky little outfit, we're both watching her and you say, still staring at her, 'That is a very nice rump.' I say, 'What's wrong with you? I don't think of her that way!' That's when you turn to me, look me up and down, and say, 'What's wrong with you? When did your sexual inclination change? If you're gay now, fine, but as your best friend, don't you think I deserve to know?' And I push you hard and say, 'Get outta here!' That will have everybody talking.”

“Don't stop there!” Andrea shouted over the laughter.

“It's only the start, Andrea. Twisted is what you get from me, and in my territory of the biz, the more we twist, the more fun we have. True?” All were in agreement. I raised my coffee cup. “To twisting!” All yelled “Cheers!” I turned to Andrea. “And every one of those romantic scenes we wrap, Andrea, I'm going to tell you every time. The hydraulic pump you felt does not think for me so don't consider it an invitation. He's only reminding me I can still depend on him.”

“It won't take long and he'll be reminding me,” Andrea observed, smiling wide.

- Just Desserts, Segment Twenty-ThreeA Magnet’s Attraction” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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