Teaser 195: Leaving Munich and Tanya for an Irreversible Call

Tanya waited for me in the train terminal in Munich. She was easy to spot in the crowd, the tall and stunningly beautiful blond wearing the severe expression proclaiming, “I am waiting for one who will be here soon, so I have no interest in engaging in any interaction with you. You may leave my presence now. Thank you.” It's how I interpreted it, since over the many steps I had to take to reach her after I saw her standing above most others, it was a consistent look and reaction around her. She didn't smile until I was within reasonable talking distance. Of course, when she did it was delightful. My heartbeat came a little faster when I saw it. Since my hands were full with three bags, Tanya slipped her arms around me when I finally reached her and kissed me openly and sensually. “Welcome to Munich, Gregory.”

“And your hospitality, too.”

“Which you shall receive in abundance, little boy.”

“Thank you, my charming hostess. Shall we?”

Tanya reached for my computer bag, I released it to her and she led us out the station to the parking lot and her car. She drove forty-five minutes to her villa, as she preferred to call it. As if to let me know how much she had heard or read about me, Tanya remarked, “And, yes, I prefer to call it my villa, as Jennifer prefers to call hers, her villa, but I'm sure you'll call it whatever you like, because you're incorrigible, Gregory, bad beyond correction or reform.”

“You are going to make this evening as pleasant for me as possible, Tanya. True?”

“I can make it as memorable for me as possible and only hope it be a time which you will never forget. That is my fervent hope.”

“There is no past. There is no future. There is only now. Treat it accordingly.”

Inside Tanya's villa, in her well-appointed and luxurious living room, an unopened bottle of champagne awaited in a holder with ice melting, but suitably cool enough. Before I opened it at her suggestion, I made my suggestion. “If you want to make this a time I will never forget, Tanya, let me suggest that this, the champagne, be the last of any alcohol we consume tonight.”

Tanya wore a slight frown but calmly asked, “Why, Gregory?”

“In my experience, Tanya, it seems all too often it isn't me who attracts my partner, it is our ever-present mutual companion, alcohol, which does the attracting, so I want to know which one of those is true concerning you.”

Tanya held a pleasant and engaging smile as she replied, “If you want me to prove which is true, Gregory, I'll take you to bed right now.”

This brought my widest smile. “And what would you do first?”

Tanya slipped next to me. “First, I would put my arms around you and kiss you fully.” She slipped her arms around my back, pulled me against her tightly and kissed me, her lips running all over mine until her mouth opened and our movements became far more pronounced. She pulled away but leaned her head to my side and whispered, “Then, I would see if you're ready.” Her right hand slipped from my back, around to the front of my waist and down until she was rubbing and squeezing my growing erection. “You're ready.”

“Ready for a celebration! Let's pop that bottle of champagne.” I started to move around her to the table with the champagne, but she simply followed my turn with her own, reaching to the hand closest to her, grasping it fully and pulling me, gently though, toward a hallway.

“You have convinced me of my course of action, Gregory,” Tanya announced as she stepped toward the hallway. “Come with me.” I began to follow her. “The night is long. We can each don a robe and come out here for champagne later.” We stepped into the hallway, destination the last room at the end. “I want you to know, Gregory, I need no companion to show you my attraction is for you and you alone.”

I can assure you over the next ninety minutes Tanya convinced me of the truth of her last statement...There wasn't a single moment of those first ninety minutes in Tanya's bedroom when I didn't belong to her, and I soundly enjoyed every moment. As we lay entwined together resting afterward, I commented, “I want you to know, Tanya, how refreshing it is for me that you don't have to get loaded to share our bodies and actions together.”

Tanya moaned loudly. “If we ever have more opportunity to spend time together, Gregory, you're going to quickly come to the understanding I need no alcohol to physically express how I feel about you. I know you'll accept it exactly as I intend.”

“I think how there are so many thousands out there who are fools because they can't get past their own assumptions and preconceptions. They're only fools, the lot of them.”

“I prefer to think it's the way it should be, that there are only a few who are not foolish, and I have been fortunate enough to have met one who isn't.”

As Tanya suggested, late in the evening, she pulled from her closet two robes, one white for her, one blue for me, and we toasted the other with champagne and crackers and caviar she had waiting in her refrigerator. This evening Tanya was the perfect hostess for my humble visit, for I couldn't dream of this reception, and would never have considered it without her casual hinting. As the evening progressed into early morning—by then having heard her confession she had advised everyone at the consulate she would arrive late Friday morning—I had the strongest inclination Tanya was making herself belong in my life and there wasn't anything in the universe to stop it or even slow it down. To reach this inclination it helps when she says, “I know we discussed how unlikely it would be to make room for each other in our similarly complicated lives, Gregory, but the more time that passes, I think I must make room for you, because the more I do, the more room I make for you, the time we spend together because of it makes me feel better. You make me feel better about myself and about you, that it is the right choice to make. I trust you, Gregory, completely. You will make the right decision concerning me, even if the decision is we will never have another moment together. It will still be the right decision because it will ensure your direction remains true, for your direction is true, and there are very few who will deny it. Those who do are the ones who do not know, because we do know it. We all know it, even when it seems to turn against us and we're left behind by you. We still know it to be true. I will know it to be true.” Spoken by a German administrative wonk lying in her bed, unclothed, her body half across mine and her head propped so she could look directly into my eyes. I never forgot she said it and never discounted its effect. I steeled myself in consideration of what was immediately to come. There is no past. There is no future. There is only now. Treat it accordingly.

We reached her office by ten, despite the fact we barely slept six hours. True to her promise, the papers were all ready with sticky labels for my signature and initials. Fifteen minutes after we arrived all the necessary documents for each country involved were complete. I sat across from Tanya sitting in her chair at her desk and smiled. “You are right, Tanya. I will try to find a place for you and I cannot promise you I will find it. Should I find a place for you at any moment, I know you will acknowledge it completely as intended. I will have no need to apologize or be concerned in any way about it. If you can find room in your complicated life for it, you will accept it as intended. Otherwise, you will apologize and ask me to consider another time soon.” I looked at her for a moment. “Will you not?”

“It is all I can ask, Gregory. It is all I shall ever ask of you.”

Tanya drove me personally to the airport, walked with me through security and to the gate and waited with me until they boarded the flight to Los Angeles. There were two reporters in our terminal who recognized both of us and intruded. As perturbed as I was I caught the gazes of both with as calm a demeanor as I could display and stated, “If you know anything about me, you know I consider this to be a public place and I'm not under the invisible umbrella of privacy, but I'm about to take a trip which will lead me to a place I've never been but where I am being pushed and compelled to go because it is completely inseparable from my being, yet while I await the irreversible call which signals the beginning of that trip, I am graced with the company of one human being who has taught me in a very short period of time to cherish her presence. So I would prefer to avoid intrusion by anyone.” Somehow, the message got through. Both apologized for intruding and hoped there would be another time. Perhaps.

When the irreversible call came, Tanya stood with me and we kissed first and squeezed each other in as tight a hug as possible. It was so tight, as I recall, I could feel some of the curvature of her body collapsing and spreading against me. Her last utterance, as I turned to walk to the ramp leading to the plane was, “When you find the time to call me, Gregory, day or night, please do so. I love to listen to your voice.”

- Just Desserts, Segment Twenty-FourBack in the USA” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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