Teaser 200: What Was It Really Like Being Naked With Diane?

I had forgotten the on-set interview with Diane, both of us sitting in our set chairs side by side. The interviewer asked if it was hard doing the romantic scenes, since we had already shot those. When Diane hesitated in her answer, the interviewer pressed me for a response. “Well, I can't say it's easy to be anywhere when you're not wearing any clothes, there's only one other person similarly lacking any clothing, but there's quite a few around with cameras and recording equipment and they're all wearing clothes. It ain't easy, but it helps when the other person removes her robe to stand before you as naked as the day she was born, although older and more well-endowed, and she smiles and says, 'Your turn.' That helps.” Diane placed her hand on my forearm and squeezed it. I lifted my arm so that her hand slipped up to my hand, I grasped it and kissed her hand while she smiled watching.

“What was it really like being naked with Diane on the set, Gregory?”

“We both had a job to do, Esperanza, one we had both agreed to do willingly, and we talked alone, the two of us, about the scenes. She knew I would most likely have an erection while we were engaged in kissing and holding and rubbing, both of us naked. She knew it and I was hard at times. It is simply impossible for me to do that with a woman and consider it pretending, it's only acting and no feeling involved. It's impossible...You can see how we did the whole scene. There are cuts and cuts, it's not one long take, so we would cut and wrap one little shot, I would make some attempt at humor, at which everybody laughed, I think because there was always tension on the set and it was a release...There was one shot we did, Esperanza, it's the one where I'm on top of Diane after I have rolled her onto her back, it's a very brief shot, lots of kissing and I'm rubbing up and down over her, remember?”

“Yes, and then she pushed you over, and you grab her and change positions again. And?”

“That's the next shot but Melvin wraps this one and what you can't see while we're doing the shot is Diane makes this movement under me because I have a raging hard-on and it's about to slip into her special place and her movement under me ensures it doesn't slip in, which is what we discussed previously, she would make movements like that if she had to with my absolute encouragement. Melvin called it a wrap and I said, very loudly, 'You should be a ballerina the way you move under me to ensure my little buddy never enters your sacred place.' Diane laughed hysterically while I am still on top of her and I could feel her body shaking under me and her gasping for breath and Diane said, 'Get off of me, Gregory. I can't breathe.' I immediately hopped off her, turned to the crew with my erection in full salute, mind you, and said, 'This should assure everyone I am not a necrophiliac. Otherwise, I'd still be on top of her.' I paused a moment and added, 'Waiting.'”

Esperanza laughed. I felt her body shaking against me as I held my arms tight around her waist. “That's you, Gregory. How do you come up with these lines anyway?”

“I'm twisted, woman. You know. Nothing is dreadfully serious to me.”

“No, nothing is serious to you. It's true. You make me laugh when we're going at it.”

“You know why, don't you?”

“It's the way you are, Gregory.”

“It's part of it, yes, but there's a physical reason why I do it, too.”

“Oh, okay, I think I know.”

“Right. You do know. You know when you laugh, woman, while I'm inside you, I feel those contractions around my appendage, and it's quite a feeling, each one a very tight squeeze, and I simply have to stop. I cannot rock you any more until you stop laughing. It's the same when you cough, a very tight squeeze. And the most amazing thing about all of you, Esperanza, is when each of you comes to orgasm, I rarely feel the same very tight squeeze. I have made you all laugh while I'm inside you, so I have physically felt the difference between voluntary and involuntary. I know the difference. For most of you your orgasms are still at the voluntary level, which only confirms my contention it's all in your head, not down there.”

“What about me, Mister Hess? Are mine voluntary or not?”

“The times I remember with you, Esperanza, your orgasms are as strong and as tight as when you laugh or cough. You don't seem to be holding anything back. When you're in your orgasm, I cannot rock you any more. I have to wait...You see, though, what I do with all of you. Not only do each of you have widely divergent personalities and rare and beautiful qualities as human beings, but each of you reacts differently through your bodies. None of you are the same. Each one of you is different, and with each one I have to perform slightly differently, too. I can't do the same actions with any of you and help you to reach orgasm. I have to do different things with each, because your bodies are so different.”

“I'll bet an old man like you gets very confused at times.”

“I'll bet a young woman like you gets ticklish at times.” I immediately proceeded to both hold her tightly so she couldn't get up and tickled her side as she laughed and entreated me desperately to stop. I did after a few moments. “I take exception to the old man shit, you know.”

- Just Desserts, Segment Twenty-FiveThe Journey Awaits” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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