Teaser 202: Jana’s Man Friend Followed by a String for a Bikini Bottom

I was informed I should leave by the man friend to which I responded I couldn't agree more. “I have accomplished what I came here to do, Jana, to help you confront the problem which plagues you and it stands two feet away. Your life is your life. No one else is responsible for it but you. If you're bound and determined to keep the problem close to you and go down in flames as a result, no one's going to stop you. No one.” The man friend had a few more choice words as I walked to my car, even “brazenly” stepping on to the porch and walk as though to challenge me further, but I ignored him and said nothing more. I calmly reached my car, opened it, started it up, stared at the man friend and his “threatening” gestures and drove away. At least I could go to Africa with that off my mind.

I drove to the end of the street and pulled over. “Are you on your way back here?”

“I am. I pulled over to call you.”

“Did you talk with Jana?”

“I just left her place.”

“She met with you? How did it go?”

“Eh, let me tell you when I return.”

Ninety minutes later and I had brought Serena up to speed. This is the end, I thought. I have done all I can, because it's Jana's life, her responsibility. “Do you think it's enough, Gregory?”

“It's up to Jana now. Only Jana can fix her problems. We all have our own problems to fix. It's our responsibility to fix them. You don't shuffle off your problems to someone else to fix. You have to fix them. No one else will.”

We all enjoyed an afternoon around the outdoor pool, although Carla, Sofia's nanny, decided to wear a bikini with half of it missing, since it was a thin string of a thong on her back side. Believe it or not, I did everything in my power to ignore it and avoid staring at Carla's essentially bare ass and was successful. When Serena and I decided we had enough and were in her bedroom changing, I asked Serena about Carla's choice of swimwear this afternoon.

“You mean the thong for her bikini bottom? It didn't bother you, did it?”

“I assume it didn't bother you?”

“I'm not going to dictate to Carla what she should wear. She's a very good nanny for Sofia, Gregory. If she wants to wear a thong bikini at my private pool, so be it.”

“I will state this observation, Serena. I know pretty much what Carla's ass looks like.”

“And should you pursue it, Gregory, we would be through. You would be gone.”

“Rightly so. I was only thinking she could be a little more discreet.”

“Do you want that?” Serena asked her question as she doubled over to pull down her bikini bottoms, thus in the room naked before me.

I stepped up behind her. “Watching Carla's butt parade around got me thinking.” I reached around Serena in her more helpless state.

“Gregory, don't start,” Serena pleaded unconvincingly. It was her tone, low, completely lacking resolve. I picked her off the floor and carried her into the bathroom, set her down on the floor inside, closed and locked the bathroom door. We both emerged from the bathroom an hour later.

“It's why I brought it up, Serena. I think Carla should be more discreet, for your own protection.”

“I don't need protection from you and Carla was an excuse. You had it planned all along.”

“You had to get wet.”

“You do that to me, little boy. Don't you know it yet?”

- Just Desserts, Segment Twenty-FiveThe Journey Awaits” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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