Teaser 235: You Haven’t Even Left Your Baby Crib

Again and again I answered the same questions in the same manner. When we finally got to Pir, my Master, that's when the real fun began.

“Why do you call this Pir your Master?”

“If you met a Master why would you call this one less?”

“In what is he a Master?”

“In dispelling and dispatching the distractions and thoughts which hold one captive to this world, to remain asleep, thus unable to see the light of the One. To do so in stages so the student is not overwhelmed, so the student can release all but the Self, to recognize the Self only when able, and the Master always knows when one is able, always knows at what stage each has reached, not only students, but every one of us, what we are capable of understanding and what we are not. This is a Master, for they know every one. Of the billions, they know every single one.”

“Are you a Master, Al Barrak?”

“A Master is a teacher. I do not teach. It is not what I can do, for I cannot see what a Master can see, know what a Master can know. For me to do so, I would cause more harm than good. I am not a Master. I am a miller. This is who I am. This is what I am.”

The questions about my stages were exceedingly humorous, or more appropriately, the answers which flashed in my thoughts were exceedingly humorous to me. To protect all in attendance, to protect the process itself, the stages which must be reached, the instruction which can only be revealed to those who are ready and no others, I invented answers. It is allowed, for the truth is like a lit firebomb when presented to those who are not ready. Better to keep the firebomb away from the uninitiated, or they will carry the firebomb with them wherever they go, and it explodes here, explodes there. It's like a nuclear reaction, once it hits “critical mass.” The resulting explosions are impossible to stop until everything is obliterated. There are hundreds of worlds. You do not know this, therefor you must not carry the firebomb, for you do not know where it is from and what it can do. Destroy this world? Of course, and those who seep into the other worlds “escape.” This is not the point. Destroy that which impedes your Self, for it never requires destruction of any world but your own. Only your ignorance suggests otherwise. The ignorant cannot be given a firebomb of unlimited destruction. They don't know what to do with it, except perform their own unintended extinction. I knew this before I met my Master. I have been trying to shed that which has blinded me, that which has deafened me, that which has kept me asleep, for sixty years and more, yet I still needed a guide to stop crawling like a baby. For most of you: you haven't even left your baby crib.

The Ambassador to Mali came to see me. A great and learned man is the Ambassador, though his entire sensory output suggested he was undeserving of a post with such lack of prestige.

When we were introduced, I suggested, “Mister Ambassador, when do you think your appointment to the People's Republic of China will come through? Wouldn't such an appointment be more suitable to your tastes and abilities?”

“Did your humor serve you well during your captivity, Al-Barrak, is it?” he replied with a teasing smile.

“Only when I could feebly recognize its place. I laughed a lot with my Master. He was funny!”

“Should you care to know: none of us consider you a terrorist, even though we all heard you say you could be one. I agree with you, Al-Barrak, should any of us conceive of the terror which could be invoked by the One, we would all drop to our knees like beggars. I understood. What I don't understand is how you can claim you are not a teacher, not a Master, because you are teaching, are you not?”

“Only to your capacity to understand, Ambassador. I grind your coarse thoughts into a fineness which allows the understanding, the knowing. It's what a miller does. Should you demonstrate to me your readiness to go further, your desire to shed desire, I will take you to Pir, my Master. He is capable of guiding you the rest of your journey. That is his work. I have mine.”

The Ambassador to Mali had come to ask me pointed questions about my work, as to what it possibly revealed to those concerned with U.S. interests everywhere, and what I intended to do once I was released from their custody, both short and long term. I was the mouse being tracked by the Ambassador's cat. Since I had no desire for any of it any more it was easy for me to formulate answers. This one concluded the Ambassador's desire for further participation.

“I used to think, Ambassador, the goal was to mold, to shape this world into one of egalitarianism, but what is it? Are we all capable of conquering every desire, some of which drives us to discover answers which serve as improvement of a condition? No desire? Then, no improvement. Desire has its place in this world, as do good and evil, right and wrong, rich and poor. I can explain it with the old eastern understanding, the yin and yang, light and dark, white and black, they all have a place, pain and pleasure. One is impossible to exist without the other, at least not in this world. What I do as a miller is fashion my world. In my world, there is still good and evil, right and wrong, rich and poor, yin and yang, light and dark, black and white, pain and pleasure, all of it enveloped in honor and love. Enter my world where I will embrace you as you are, for I can see your true Self, along with that which blinds you. I won't hold it against you, for once you choose to stay in my world, you have actively chosen to wage the Greater Holy War. You may not always win each battle, but at least you will know where the battle is fought, and it allows you to face your true enemy. All those other battle grounds your enemy chose to avoid, so you have been fighting ghosts.”

- Just Desserts, Segment Twenty-NineInextricably Bound” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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