Teaser 238: I Fear the One

I asked to see the living facility, so Kitana and Alfred escorted me through its wide and deep clutches. From the kitchen and cafeteria we passed the four dormitories, only two in partial use. “Room to expand.”

“You may have the other male dormitory to yourself, Al-Barrak, if you wish.”

“I don't mind sharing with all the rest, but I will accept your offer, Kitana. There are times throughout each day when I am moved to perform an act which I wish to be private, so I am alone. When I honor the One, I do not wish it misconstrued as a public act. It is a re-uniting of my Self with the spark, for I have strayed once again. This world, my children, has a powerful tug, as the One designed. I am forever humbled when I consider the infinite and ceaseless compassion and mercy from the One as I often consider myself unworthy. I seek forgiveness privately and receive it privately. This gives me the strength to step into this world again for I fear the One.”

Alfred gazed upon me with a subtle light about him, yet his face displayed no comprehension. “How can you fear complete compassion, Al-Barrak, complete mercy?”

“Only when your Self is dead will you know complete compassion, complete mercy. Even then, you have no thought, not one which is yours, but you do know the truth, and the truth is: when your whole being is merged infinitely with the One, you are not the One. Though there is no separation between you and the One, there can be, and that is your fear. You fear the truth that the One can separate any or all. That is what you fear.”

“But it would not be complete compassion, complete mercy, would it?”

“You are not endowed with infinite wisdom. Would you argue?” I waited for Alfred's head shake. “Should you be punished by the One, would you argue against the wisdom of the punishment? How could you? You would be arguing with your limited faculties against the infinite. Everyone has a path to reach the One, some illumined more clearly than others. This is the design. Do not argue. Those more clearly illumined, the paths of the saints and prophets, are no more easy to walk than yours, for example. This is why they all fear the One. A single misstep, the wrong step. Not always is the path so clearly illumined either. This is the design. Do not argue. Instead, seek guidance when the path becomes cloudy or obscured. Seek and you shall be rewarded and the direction made clear again. This is what they fear, that guidance was not sought when it should have been sought, that they separated in foolishness. They fear to be fools, to separate from the One. They know the punishment and they fear it. They never stop fearing it.”

“You make it seem extremely difficult, Al-Barrak, that it almost cannot be accomplished.” Alfred's face conveyed helplessness, but I glanced to Kitana wearing her smile of knowledge.

“Look to the one who shall be your wife soon, Alfred.” I paused for a moment to let him gaze upon her silently. “She knows what I mean. Let me explain it and put it in terms which you can grasp. You knew when you began your studies, and think back to the time you told me, Alfred, when you met Kitana with all the other students for the first time, you knew it would not be easy. It would be difficult. As you progressed, absorbing a knowledge of sciences, this knowledge became like building blocks, and the more you progressed, the easier it became, despite the growing complexity of each new study. Yet now you have an even greater complexity, for now you must apply your study to the world around you, and you are discovering not everything goes as planned. You make adjustments and try to learn from both what succeeds and what fails, and as you go further you are beginning to see it is now difficult again, though you are also expecting it will get easier. This is what you hope and there is nothing wrong with it. What you fail to see is this is merely life as designed. Difficulty, then ease, more difficulty, then ease, more difficulty, then ease. Quit when it's too difficult, what should you receive in return? This is what you need to consider when it seems too difficult. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, but no one is doing your work because it's not their job. It's your job. Your job is to perform your work since no one else will do it. If it seems too difficult, seek guidance, and you will be guided. Then it gets easy again. Difficulty awaits. This is true. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, but they are not, are they, Alfred?”


“Enough. Contemplate.”

- Just Desserts, Segment Twenty-NineInextricably Bound” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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