Teaser 257: I Would Like to Have a Driver Upon Whom I Can Depend

While Heinz drove me to university we continued our discussion about my employment offer, which he had not accepted yet. “Should you be my driver, Heinz, I would need your services once I reach India, and off and on, from there.”

“Do you have an idea of how long you would need me once you reach India, Al-Barrak?” “It could be months, Heinz, perhaps even a year or longer. From that time I will pay you your monthly salary, as we agreed, and while you're with me available as my driver, all of your expenses will be my responsibility, meals, housing, entertainment, clothes, anything. I'll provide you an allowance so you'll always have money to do whatever you wish when your services are not required.”

“Being away from my family for months, years, will be very difficult, even though your offer would easily provide for all of us. You understand, don't you, Al-Barrak?”

“I have anticipated it, Heinz, so, occasionally, when the children can be away from school, we'll bring them wherever we are and I'll put them up under my roof, or a hotel or other housing arrangement suitable for all at my expense. I cannot honestly expect you to be away from your family for that length of time only to work for me. My conscience will not let me...Do you have someone who can watch your home and take care of expenses and the like while your family is away, Heinz?”

“My brother could do it for me.” Heinz looked at me in the rear-view mirror. Suddenly he smiled. “You would pay all of that on top of my salary?”

“For a driver on whom I can completely depend? Who will always ensure my car is in perfect shape so I never have to consider it at all? I get the better of the deal here, Heinz, and the bonus you and your family receive is you all get to see some of the rest of the world, too. You'll never take another vacation at your expense.”

Heinz looked again in the rear-view mirror with a smile big and wide. “Do you expect to reach India before the end of the year?”
“Unless I encounter some obstacle or bureaucratic delay, yes.”

“Christmas and New Years in India. I never thought of that as a vacation.”
“If you want, since the children will probably be out of school, we'll fly them in as soon as possible so they can see what you've gotten yourself into, and they can spend Christmas and New Years with you in India. Bet they never thought of that as a vacation, either.”

“When Hilda hears it and you'll be paying for all of it, what objection could she have?” Heinz laughed. “Call me when you're ready, Al-Barrak, and I'll be on the next flight out.”

- Just Desserts, Segment Thirty-OneGo Home” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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