Teaser 264: Shed The Impostors and Live!

Once supper was complete and before we left the restaurant I announced a suggested curfew for all. I had no intention of enforcing it but I reminded everyone I would surely hear about it later. I didn't care as long as it had no impact on the rehearsal the next day. “Don't let it.” As it turned out there were six in total who arrived back at the hotel later than the suggested curfew and those six were most of those I expected would stay out later anyway. You learn about people when you spend so much time with them in some fairly pressure-packed circumstances. I happened to be out in the hall on the same floor when two of them, one of the couples who would eventually marry a few months following, returned almost two hours late. They were both quite apologetic but with their demeanor and how they spoke I could tell they still had their wits about them. They certainly weren't plastered. “I was young once, which may come as a shock to you. I stayed out late, sometimes very late and got tremendously wasted, so wasted I couldn't remember much of what took place the night before. I got up on time, though, got to my workplace on time, and met all of my work obligations competently. Not everyone can do it and I certainly didn't do it all the time. There are some in this production whom I consider simply cannot do it, so I suggested my curfew time. Apparently, you two can and that's fine. Get some adequate sleep and let's rock the theater tomorrow.” I watched as they both walked to their separate rooms, each shared with the same gender but who also were becoming romantically entangled and I knew who was staying in which room. In my tone of mock disbelief, I remarked, “You two are not sleeping together?”

The male chorus member turned back to me and calmly replied, “You stated we should keep our libido in check and we both agree. Two nights from now the show will be over and we're going to swap roommates. Think the hotel will object, Al-Barrak?”

“Not if they don't know. You're not going to tell them, are you?” They both laughed.

I did not counsel them on what I knew they would be doing in the hotel room two nights later and many regard it as a failure of the Way. Not so fast, though. Yes, the Books all warn about fornicators. If you've read the Books, you know it's true. The Recital itself, though, makes it extremely easy to marry and divorce. It's the only requirement to avoid being a fornicator. Look at the obstacles we place around everyone's intentions to avoid being a fornicator now. We have to have some ordained representative preside, it has to be legal, and a divorce has to wend its way through some court jurisdiction. It is little wonder to me so many are fornicators, including myself from my past. Living together, though, which is, of course, also thrown up as an obstacle in most cultures, is as close to how easy it was meant to marry and divorce, and I regard those who practice this method of entanglement as fulfilling the marriage requirement. So what if they didn't follow the precepts, seeking permission from the woman's guardian(s) and some dowry, if any, because that was never a requirement, only a strong suggestion, and spewing the words “I divorce you” four times from either side ends it. If that was still the accepted way, there would hardly be any fornicators in the world anywhere. Over centuries you and your revered ancestors all collectively threw up the obstacles and now you condemn. You all collectively understand nothing because you snore too loudly. I can hear you snore. You have dreadful sleep apnea. Even when you're “awake,” you're still sleeping. Fortunately, for the rest of us, when you’re awake your snoring is abated, which means we can get on with our work without the enormous distraction. I know what many are thinking right now, the ones of privilege, influence and power, that my words and my actions are of insignificance, no consequence. You, the privileged, influential and powerful, have earned the right to judge. Of course you have. You are the condescending ones. You know what is best for all. Let me remind everyone the road to “hell” is paved with condescension, not “good” intentions. It is the condescending ones who lead you. Thus, you are led by the ignorant, those still asleep, like lemmings to the sea. You need no leader, not a single one. You are collectively lazy, but you sleep incessantly, too. When you awaken, discard the condescending ones like a dreaded cancer. Let them swim out into the middle of the ocean. They deserve to drown in their condescension. They are not the One! They are impostors! Shed them hastily, and live!

- Just Desserts, Segment Thirty-TwoStage of Mania” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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