Teaser 270: An Autumn of Memory, Good or Bad

These two events from that autumn—the three days I sat amid the demolition of a street in Gaza and the web post of our live rendition of Deep As You Go with its video accompaniment and the resulting server crash from millions of hits on it—had a large number of people all over the world either singing my praises or ranting their condemnation. Inserting myself in the middle of a raging conflict, one simmering and exploding for seven decades, unarmed and helped only by one mysterious woman covered nearly head to foot by a spectacular blue robe and scarf and bearing but a water pitcher left its mark everywhere. Put up or shut up. I put up my very own life. I threw all my chips in and walked out of the street only after the heavily armed Israelis drove home. The pot I collected when the Israelis folded was the admiration of every peace-loving human being on the planet. Letters, emails, phone messages, all gushed with continuous approval and blessings. I ignored it all and said or wrote nothing, except these three sentences. “I am willing to give you my life to demonstrate to all of you the very precipice on which all of humanity stands at every moment. You may live together or you may die together and there shall never be any middle ground on which to stand. Let the hotheads in the Middle East shut their mouths for once so that peace may proclaim its victory or death becomes you.” This one and only comment was published in the Wall Street Journal. Hugh Bolden called me and I returned his call and read him the comment over the phone. He wrote it and they published it verbatim. We also chatted a little off the record.

Many went gaga when we released Deep As You Go. There is no Greek myth which corresponds with Apollo and the woman—whom we left unnamed to add to the mystery—who becomes both his obsession, then his punished lover. It didn't deter the wondrous proclamations. Many noted the irony. Apollo, patron god of music, neither plays an instrument nor sings, and despite his being one of the more restrained Greek gods, our portrayal of his rape of the woman and his rage she should murder their son brought a huge amount of commentary. My only published comment about all of it was to state the entire performance was a full collaboration of everyone involved, and usually the principals of any portion of it contributed the most, so what I should say in fairness about Deep As You Go is the contribution from Professor Rebekka Dietrich made the performance compelling and impossible to forget.

This was the positive side. The negative side, concerning Gaza, came from the hotheads all over the world, as you can imagine. I remember being blasted often by the condescending ones, those who have earned the right to judge—so they think because they're deluded and don't forget that—and they espoused their “infinite” wisdom by mocking me as an unwelcome intrusion into state politics. I have no training, no education, no earned status whatsoever. I have no place on the world stage and now I have upset the delicate relationship between Israelis and Palestinians. The damage may never be undone. I was always amused when I heard or read statements in this vein. I never commented publicly, but often in a private and confidential conversation, I would note I had completed a performance as Apollo, the divining god, and these people can see into the future, something I can't do, whether I portray Apollo or not. If you do possess the gift of divinity why waste it through even one proclamation? Get into the stock markets. You'll make a killing. Since none of them ever make a killing in the stock markets, well, there's your proof. Somebody's covering Their worthless RUMP.

I got it from the other side for Deep As You Go, for the rape, for the infanticide, and I was clobbered as though I endorsed both. What? That's right. People slammed me because I endorsed rape and infanticide. Some even threw in my rape accusation from the Seattle incident with the three women. My only real and true reaction to all of this type of insanity was to howl with laughter. John was right. I do laugh at all the real insanity around me. Maybe it's because I'm insane. I don't deny it. I simply choose to be contrary. If this is your idea of sanity, this makes me insane, because I'm not like that and never will be. I can't tell a story which unveils a human condition? Why don't you idiots spend your time, effort, energy and resources slamming and forever preventing the real rapists scattered all over the globe from raping, some of whom may be in your own households at any or every moment?

Several times during my shows in America I asserted half of all women in the U.S. would be raped at least once in their lifetimes. What a proud statistic that is! Let's all gather for the big parade and wave around the red, white and blue so we can proclaim, “Yay! We're such an advanced nation because we can protect fully half of the weaker gender! Yay!” I also claimed rape is probably the most recidivist violent crime committed, meaning most rapes are committed by a few men who do it again and again and probably can never be rehabilitated, so castrate them. Three strikes and your penis is lopped off, right down to the scrotum so there's not even a stump left. A strike can't be the “he said, she said” variety. There has to be, in addition to the accusation, compelling and corresponding evidence, but once some man has three counts, three strikes, off comes the missile. I'd bet rape would drop significantly in your district if you were the district judge who started castrating rapists. Wanna bet against me? My views on this were well known, well understood, and completely ignored by morons. Of course, none had the balls to castrate rapists. They talk with no action and no improvement. When will they shut up? Only when you stop listening. It's hard for you to turn it off while you're asleep. You have to wake up to discard the imbecility surrounding you. Psychologists are proving this previous statement. They can leave profound suggestions in sleeping test subjects. They have a much harder time doing it to awakened test subjects. Huh? Wonder why?

- Just Desserts, Segment Thirty-ThreeJourney to India” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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