Teaser 287: An Impending Encounter With Gravity?

Far too much has been said or written by the many who know nothing about those few months of my life when I returned to the United States for the first time since I left straight for Africa, more than two years previous, when I married the woman of my dreams and in days directed the movie Terms of Surrender, completing it a week beyond schedule but still under budget, and returned to India, to Jalandhar, and my beloved Magdalena. Yes, Serena was there, too, and she was my beloved and both nothing and everything changed with both of us. Most of what you've heard or read about this time and about me particularly is mere speculation at best and outright lies at worst. What I suffered, and few ever had the smallest inkling, was what I consider a crisis of confidence, a crisis of conscience. Let me be plain and concise. At no time did this crisis ever affect my responsibilities, obligations and requirements of any of my duties, to my new bride, to my movie, to any of my friends, supporters and acquaintances. It was not debilitating in that manner. I rose on time, performed my duties and obligations, at times admirably, but I could not hide moments of indecision, lethargy, undue reflection. Those moments are what everyone remembers because they stand out like a solitary, forbidding desert, completely surrounded by forests of trees and endless flows of water and innumerable creatures circumnavigating around a lifeless speck of sand. It was my mild form of crash and burn. I had been flying too high and Icarus had an impending encounter with gravity.

- Just Desserts, Segment Thirty-SixUnquenchable Desire” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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