Teaser 292: Marital Advice

Conrad's unit started their day later and were scheduled at the bar late. David would finish his inspections of the dailies, join Conrad's crew shooting at the bar and help direct if necessary, and the two would inspect the bar shots' dailies while everyone else was dismissed. This meant Serena would not arrive at the trailer on the studio lot until very late at night, so I knew when I returned she wouldn't be there. Serena was going to hear about it and from my own lips but it would have to wait. There was someone else with whom I could talk, and though it was early she had a long history with Rebekka and a great deal more interaction than me.

“It's very early to call me, my beloved,” Lena muttered. “There's nothing wrong with the movie, is there?”

“I don't know yet, Lena. I suppose I'll know tomorrow morning.” I paused and let out a deep sigh. “You've had more time in Rebekka's company than me, so would it surprise you she came on to me tonight?”

“She's been in love with you from the beginning, so, no, it doesn't surprise me. Sometimes, you do that, Al, and not even consciously.”

“I've known about her desire, even warned her about it, and I had hints about her objective, too. You know she won't accept being one of my wives, Lena. She's the only one or nothing. My concern is how far she's gonna take it, when she doesn't get what she wants.”

“If you're asking me, my beloved, I think she understands what will happen should she be the cause of disruption while you shoot, because you'll send her away, shoot all her scenes with someone else and never tolerate her presence again and that will be the end of it. I know you very well, Al-Barrak, and you won't hesitate to throw her off the set forever. You'll protect the movie regardless of cost and I think Rebekka's smart enough to know it's what you'll do.” Lena paused for a moment and I waited. I knew she had something else to add. “I sensed long ago how she felt about you. I could see it in the way she looked at you at times, how she behaved with you at times. It can drive some women to jealous outrage, Al, but I have kept an open mind about her all along. I thought she could fit in like we all have. The unbreakable bond I have with you includes an unbreakable bond with Esperanza, with Serena, too. The time I spend with either I cherish, just as much as the time I spend with you, but now I know what some looks I have seen on Rebekka's face really mean, because I've seen them. She's the one feeling jealous outrage, that when she sees your reaction with any of us, Rebekka's thinking she's better for you than that, she can make you feel better than we can. I think she's headed for a bad fall, Al, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.”

Serena arrived after midnight completely bushed. I was “asleep,” still at a consciousness you rarely experience, so I sat up in the bed when she walked in. As tired as she was Serena asked how the day went, especially considering this was Rebekka's introduction to acting before a camera in a large scale movie production. “She stumbled frequently at the airport, Serena, though she did much better at the studio for the interview scene. When we wrapped she asked if I would come to her hotel so we could discuss her role in depth since we hadn't done it. That's not an unusual request while shooting a movie so I followed her back to the hotel. She came onto me, Serena.”

Serena was undressing, but immediately stopped. Her expression as she fixed on my gaze was deflated. “What happened, Al?”

“After a few minutes in her room, Rebekka walks into the bathroom saying she wants to remove her make-up. It wasn't all she removed, since she walked out of the bathroom to lay on the bed fully naked.” Serena's head shook as she frowned. “She seems to have the idea I only need one wife, her.”

Serena walked to the edge of the bed to remove her shoes and slacks. Without looking at me, she asked, “Are you going to fire her?”

“If she's late tomorrow morning, yes.” I noted her demeanor. Serena possessed no jealousy or concern. “You're not jealous or worried?”

She laughed and stood up to pull down her slacks. “I have known you for so long and so well, Al-Barrak, even as Gregory, I know who and what you are. You need no wife, Al. There are only certain moments when I think of myself as your wife. All those other moments I have a trusted and loving companion, three of them. I sometimes even think of Heinz that way. I have two sisters, trusted and loving companions, and we're all held together through you, my beloved. What we have is a very tight family and this Rebekka has no idea how tight it is. You'll handle her in an appropriate manner. This is your way.” Serena had already sat down on the bed, having removed her slacks and panties. She rose to walk to the bathroom. “You won't let her disrupt anything. Her disruption will never be like yours when you came into my life like a tornado. My marriage was over. I was free and I welcomed your disruption. I came onto you and since then we've had our ups and downs but we're still together.”

I rose from the bed and walked into the bathroom and slipped up behind her as she removed her make-up. With my arms around her waist I said, “I imagine those down times were aggravating for you when you would step into the bathroom to remove the mask on your face, unveil your true beauty and you would see my face behind you admiring the unveiling.” I squeezed her gently.

Serena smiled through the mirror's reflection as she wiped her cheeks and chin. “I imagine there were moments when you lied in bed imagining my soft and sensuous form lying next to you, a form like no other.”

I kissed the right side of her neck and she scrunched her neck, still smiling. I turned and walked out of the bathroom. “When you complete your eminent unveiling bring your unique, soft and sensuous form to bed with me. I have a tiny desire which I am finding impossible to ignore.”

Serena was silent for a few minutes while she finished removing her make-up and washed and dried her face. She stepped out of the bathroom and leaned against the opening. “But with my soft and sensuous form, you don't receive the adult portion like you can with Tanya.” She crossed her arms in defiance, but her face was smiling wickedly.

“Well, your soft and sensuous form may not be the adult size but it has always been sufficient for me and I've heard you say a perfect fit for you.” I smiled my bad-boy smile.

Serena leaned forward and walked toward the bed. “I've had so many things on my mind lately I can't recall, Al-Barrak. I think you will have to remind me.”

Serena slipped under the sheet and we turned to face each other. Our arms at top slipped over the other. “Let us get reacquainted with some respective areas of our bodies first, and then we'll check on the fit.” Serena smiled, I smiled, and soon we engaged in some informality.

- Just Desserts, Segment Thirty-SixUnquenchable Desire” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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