Teaser 331: Summary of a Gathering

The speaking engagement proceeded as advertised, though it seems anticlimactic. We made our points, Tanya and me, and often I conceded the stage and the attention to her. She had the most convincing evidence and the most compelling delivery. On the stage during those two very incredulous hours, after all which had taken place on campus, I could not conceive of this engaging, enlightening, entertaining and enchanting woman attached to me in any manner. I stood or sat for much of the entire time we, or more appropriately, she commanded in utter and total awe, for she held all under her spell with a complete and total command of English, another wife whose initial language was anything but English. No question, no comment ever rattled Tanya. She controlled the entire evening and no one who has seen and heard the recording, for we, of course, recorded it, will ever think differently. Tanya was in her element and she was not going to end this speaking engagement until and unless everyone understood her position emphatically. She succeeded, though we always find it amusing the reaction from the various sides, typically labeled “left” and “right”. The “left” were seemingly unable to grasp much of any of it, but the “right” sided with the Chinese. This amused all of us, the side pretending to protect the constitution and liberties of all in America in accordance with its founding, could so easily support one of the most oppressive, ruthless, and unapologetic regimes the human world has ever produced. It was, to us, hypocrisy expounded to the infinite degree. One of the world's greatest pundits radio has ever produced constantly ridiculed us, while as delicately as he could—which you have to remember was extremely difficult for him to accomplish since he is gargantuan as far as weight is concerned—tried to keep the obvious disparity of communism to capitalism at its absolute minimum. He was a verbose, slick talking head. He disappeared from public attention two years later. Curiously, no one missed him, or his medal, which has since been properly considered so unworthy no one of earned repute has ever accepted another and it has since been retired.

Once we completed the answer portion of the engagement to the satisfaction of both of us, since we conducted this discussion loudly on stage for all to hear, Tanya smiled to me, stepped to me and wrapped her arms around me in a very tight hug, while she towered over me, and we walked off stage with an arm around each. Before we reached the dressing room back stage, I became faint and dizzy, stopped while releasing Tanya, and dropped to one knee. Tanya tried to hold me up but I immediately advised, “Let me go, my beloved. I need to lay down here a moment.” Tanya helped me to both my knees and held onto me as I turned to sit on my rear and soon laid out completely on the floor. I closed my eyes while Tanya dropped to her knees and stroked my face as others began gathering around.

I haven't shared this yet because it had remained, to me, a very minor problem, but I had experienced disequilibrium, generally while in a prone position and when changing position, tinnitus or ringing in the ear, or more accurately buzzing in my ears, and lightheadedness, vertigo, when quickly lifting my head up high or dropping it low. It did not occur at all times and since I had returned to Jardin de la Paix from my exile, they were few and far between. I had confided with only one other person and it was a very brief conversation. This person did not consider it life threatening and neither did I. None of my wives or any others closest to me ever knew about it. If I experienced a bout while in the presence of anyone else, they were always brief and I merely responded, “I'm all right,” should I be asked what was wrong. Now it caught up to me and I couldn't hide it any more.

- Just Desserts, Segment Forty-TwoFata Tempor” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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