Teaser 338: Serena’s Disclosure to the World

Serena and I discussed often her intention to disclose to the world that, as a teenager, she was the victim of a violent crime, rape, she had hidden the fact for many years but she wanted to hide it no longer, since she was neither ashamed of it nor insecure about it. She was the victim of a violent crime and she wanted the world, and especially other women, to know. Serena's greatest reluctance was the timing of the announcement. “If I make the announcement before or during the release of your movie, my beloved, it could hurt the movie and some may think I'm making the announcement to generate publicity for the movie, and my intentions are not genuine.”

“First of all, it's our movie, my beloved. Since you have a major supporting role, it's what some will think, but the rumor has already started you said something very revealing and unknown to anyone other than family the night of the speaking engagement. You and I have heard it. No one in the media knows exactly what but the buzz has started. Engage someone you trust highly at a national level, a reporter from a weekly news magazine or such. Tell them you have something to disclose from your personal history, you want to do so on their show with me beside you, we'll answer the questions which are pertinent, and we'll deflect any question about the timing of the announcement. Instead, you have been compelled for years to state it publicly, but what has helped you more than anything else, is you can tell it all with me by your side. Once the recording is complete, we'll all leave for India immediately before it can be broadcast and will refuse comment, other than to state we have already explained it fully. It is an event from your very young and distant past and you have certainly risen above it. Leave it at that.”

Serena was still very reluctant, but the media representative she chose was very familiar with both of us. This woman wanted to talk to us about how we expected them to conduct the interview. “I fully expect Serena may have a difficult time putting it into words. What she intends to disclose is assuredly a traumatic event in her life and she will be trying to talk about in English, and she is still uncomfortable doing so. If you will promise me to be tolerant should I interrupt, gently, to help my wife, my equal, to explain it, that will be very helpful to both of us.”

If you've seen the interview, which took over two hours to record, you know I frequently interrupted, but only during uncomfortable moments, for both Serena and the woman performing the interview. You also noticed, when they showed it on the screen, our hands were in constant contact and they were, all two plus hours. I would not let my equal forget, physically, I sat right beside her in full support. Of course, I finished by reminding all I had been accused of rape yet the woman who initially accused me of this rape eventually recanted without me paying her off either secretly or through some binding court proceeding, I hold rapists in complete contempt, and reiterated my frequent contention rapists deserve castration, so use it in a privileged manner or lose it in a permanent manner. Most reaction to the interview which claimed it was only self-serving got hammered by the counter-reaction. The interview achieved what we both set out to do, with my greater guidance. No one argued against that either. What convinced most was Serena's explanation that I already suspected she had been raped before I ever met her, and what was of further understanding was exactly why we were married. When the broadcast of the interview was complete, there were few in the world who didn't understand our full commitment to each other.

- Just Desserts, Segment Forty-ThreeFatalities” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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