Teaser 347: I Admit I’m a Rabble-Rouser

To New York and the two morning shows...For my last appearance, hosted by the only man from the entire show, I was asked what I really intended to accomplish with my book and these appearances. I smiled because I liked Kevin. The first time I appeared on this show, Kevin was the host assigned to “grill” me, but he invited me to his house to meet his family in the afternoon—I had nothing scheduled and this was during the promotion of The True Cross—so I drove out to his place nearly two hours from New York. We eventually ended up out by the stream fishing, chatting and enjoying the solitude. Kevin truly was a hard-working guy when he had to be but he relished the quiet and solitude and the bonding of his family life and those most close to him. I knew this and it's why I wanted to end my appearances on this show and with Kevin.

I laughed. “Kevin, you and I have shared a few private moments in our past but they belong to you and me...” Kevin smiled warmly and nodded once. “More than the majority of media people, you know what I think, you know what I desire. You know I don't want ceaseless strife and conflict but I also will not accept an arbitrary limit of enrichment to those who actually accomplish the enrichment, which is the sole purpose of capitalism, the enrichment limited mostly to those with the capital, the money token, and trickled down to the least. I will never close my eyes and endorse this position because it is a false position to endorse and improve the human species. It will never improve the human species to the point which it must reach and it will prove to be another discarded theory of metaphysical persuasion and nothing more. The token of money was propounded by those who possessed enough real and tangible property but would have a difficult time moving it about. Thus, finance was born and it has proven over thousands of years to be the yoke strangling humanity. Tribes before the advent of the money token produced and all shared equally and all did well or else the human species would have disappeared thousands of years ago. Only those who commanded the largest amount of tangible property promoted the token of money, and this began the financial abyss, the whirlpool in which all of humanity swirls inside virtually inescapable, unable to swim beyond its voracious chasm of death.”

I smiled and Kevin, being the ever gracious host, smiled back but did not interrupt. “I am a capitalist, Kevin.” Kevin laughed briefly while I smiled deviously and waited. “I had a conversation with one of my partners in India when we started. He was surprised what I said about capitalism and he said, 'I am a capitalist. You are a capitalist, are you not, Al-Barrak?' I told him I am, in fact, a capitalist, since in every business endeavor in which I undertake I intend to make a profit. That makes me a capitalist. I then informed him true capitalists are a different breed. True capitalists rarely get their hands dirty performing the work which must be performed to ensure a profit and true capitalists will never set a limit on profit. If it means running out the disenfranchised and downtrodden, as the new landlord in town, so be it, but I will never do that. I will make a profit and live comfortably and see that all my vacationers in our hotel or tenants in our apartment building live comfortably, too. And I challenged him as to what he wanted. 'Do you want to be a true capitalist or do you want to make a modest profit and live comfortably?' Since he's still my partner, you can imagine his choice, but it has not been easy for us in the last year or so, since the well-orchestrated financial panic. We have close to a quarter of our units where the tenants cannot produce the rent regularly and this has been on-going for months but we will not throw these people out. Instead, we have convinced all the rest of the owners in the block to turn all the unused space in the entire block to gardens and animal pens and some houses have entire rooms filled with chickens laying eggs. And all the tenants work in the gardens almost daily, each has a small area for their own use, and it is turning around the entire neighborhood. In fact, Kevin, Jalandhar, Amritsar, most of northern India is recovering, turning it around. We lead the Indian nation in new businesses, job growth and new activity and we have been doing so for months now. On top of that our little block houses more homeless than most big shelters in metropolitan cities and all those homeless work daily. Can you guess where they work every day, Kevin?”

Kevin smiled at my setup. “They work in the gardens and with the animals.”

“Bingo. And do a great job, too, and tenants and owners receive small subsidies for providing shelter to the homeless. It's small. You couldn't possibly eke out a living doing it, but the authorities in Jalandhar no longer destroy make-shift camps or run out the homeless loitering about. They send them to us, although a lot of them already know about us and just show up and ask if we can put them up. And what does my capitalist partner say to them when they show up? 'We've got room under the building where the cars used to be parked but hardly anyone parks their cars there. You have to work in the gardens or with the animals for four hours tomorrow. Deal?' And they all take the deal and get a good meal and a reasonable night's sleep and really work. Some have stayed for months, and, no, we don't make a profit on the apartment and haven't for quite some time, but I live comfortably, both of my partners live comfortably, all our tenants still live comfortably, and now a whole lot of homeless, destitute people live comfortably. We're doing all right. How about the rest of you?”


I admit I'm a rabble-rouser. The rabble actually listen to me. They never really listened to any of you, especially the gigantic intellect set. You not only didn't enlighten them to the tools which they already possessed, you blamed them for the misery which had befallen them but was never any of their doing. And, of course, they don't listen to any of you now. Why should they? They have the tools to make their lives better. Should yours be worse, so be it. You had more than enough. It's starting to level out, so now you have enough. Enough is enough. This is not rocket science, kids.

- Just Desserts, Segment Forty-FourWar!” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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