Teaser 382: The Kiss of Death

It was more than five years after the financial panic when it all finally washed out. I suppose it took so long because the many companies and individuals who came out on top during this period of human history were nearly innumerable. The companies who benefited were easily in the hundreds and scattered all over the planet. The individuals were in the thousands and scattered as widely, but the numbers accumulated during this time didn't lie. While the billions were losing nearly everything, these very few cumulatively reaped most of the benefits, but they couldn't hide it. Most tried to talk around it, it's all speculation, and they happened to speculate correctly. I suppose if anyone attributes what consistently foiled their combined aspirations, it was my voice which would never be silenced. Before I had returned from Tibet the entire world knew I had saved countless numbers from losing everything completely and this was the catalyst for the engagement Tanya and I conducted, but I never stopped there. I researched every financial panic of the modern era, back to the seventeenth century, and reminded every human being on the planet: every one was a concerted and secretive effort of those who reaped most of the financial benefits and produced the numbers which historians all over the world had already compiled for each, and linked these facts to those who had reaped the gains so far from this latest financial panic, and I wouldn't stop, since I used my web site and most every interview opportunity to spout off about it.

I think it also took this long because those five years turned around a lot of humans all over the planet. What I was noticing wherever I traveled were the growing numbers who had blatantly rejected consumerism, the great desire to have the newest, the best, the most wondrous, the most sophisticated gadget ever devised. When Apple announced their latest iPhone in the middle of these five years and the resulting yawn world-wide was the result—when Apple had projected more than fifty million units in six months and they couldn't give away twenty million in one year—I knew perceptions had turned. I attribute it to the younger who have come after me and not my generation, though it wasn't any particular generation, no tribe of this sort. It was tribes of a different sort, those who never considered age of any consideration. Most of these tribespeople were organizing their own green clubs, recycling organizations, were “dropping out” of the mainstream and performing “miracles” at the microcosm level and they had no intention of rejoining the mainstream. They were discovering the irreversible comfort and satisfaction of rejecting the status quo of the West, the Western way of living. They were refusing to invest in stocks and bonds, in building nest eggs. Instead, they were investing in their own hard work, in their successes from this hard work, they were eating better, they were feeding many, and they were never going backward. So enthusiastic, committed, and able to demonstrate enormous successes, these younger souls turned around many of the older ones, including parents, relatives, former co-workers, friends and acquaintances, and what they convinced all the laggards to do was dump stock and investments and refuse to do any business with those on my list, those who had gained financially from the panic. Once it started in earnest it wasn't long. The private corporation I mentioned earlier run by the two brothers—the one having his vacation home on the coast blown up—had their business dry up to a trickle in one year. That one year resulted in lay-offs of seventy percent of their employee total and before the second year, the entire company was sold off. Both brothers have retired indefinitely. No one and no company wants them. Both have considerable wealth and live well, to date, but several web sites watch their personal investments, and once it's announced, it's inevitably the kiss of death. Almost every investment either has made since the complete collapse of their multinational has dropped precipitously once it became known either had invested. That's the kiss of death, lemme tell ya.

- Just Desserts, Segment Forty-Nine Happy Face” by Gregory R. Schussele, © 2021

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