So, let me get this right!

Victor Davis Hanson just published an opinion article with the Tribune Content Agency claiming that "the left" (whomever they are) and the Democrats in Congress are the "real insurrectionists." Apparently, what is implied (because Mr. Hanson does not have the balls to write it for posterity so that some day down the road he might have to eat his own words) is the "tourist group" sightseeing at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 are the "real patriots."

Of course, anyone with half a brain (which excludes Mr. Hanson because he obviously has no brain and therefor can only react in a true animal fashion) would recognize the absurdity, all except the "fine folks?" at the Tribune.

Yes, the Tribune Content Agency, the latest manifestation of a once proud reporting group from Chicago, which morphed into a would-be media conglomerate that bought the lovable loser Cubs and ran the entire franchise into oblivion, using these years of MLB ownership incompetence to make the Wrigley company absolute angels by comparison. Now the Tribune publishes second-rate conservative or outright fascist propaganda because they can't afford to employ and pay real, thoughtful, intelligent writers. It's a hack-only, bargain basement "media" group now, with probably a large amount of office space currently found in real basements.

But I don't want to be too harsh to a ninny like Mr. Hanson. Instead, I want to pass on a little advice. "Vic, my little wayward buddy, you write for a loser. Nobody in Chicago reads their rag-crap anymore. You need to see if you can hook up with the Faux News morons or the Obnoxious Americans Network. They're on the rise. You currently are riding on a sinking ship, not even close to the Titanic. More like the luxury cruise liner from Gilligan's Island. You remember that show, don't you? Get my drift?"

P.S. Naturally, I am one of the irrelevant and insignificant, the overlooked and underappreciated because I (we) deserve none of it. So what do I know? Well, I know Vic would never be caught dead in my regular haunts because he’s above me. Believe that? (At least I’m dead-on with the last supposition. He would NEVER enter my regular haunts. Hell! He might not come out alive, though he might undergo a transformation and an unexpected one. He couldn’t deal with that. His whole shaky belief system would crumble. Remember! He’s on shaky ground from the very start. He couldn’t handle much more shaking. His mama wouldn’t approve.)