Did you ever think, as you read the words and deeds of the "historic" that the vast majority of them considered all the rest as "the mob" or "the rabble" as Nietzsche phrased us, the essential unworthy? But "essential" is apt! How many of "the worthy" were capable of fixing their own meals, repairing their own domiciles, teaching their own children? Ah! But they are "improving the human race!" Indeed! It's why I have "essentially" withdrawn from any task to "improve the human race." Gosh! There are so many ready, willing, and able? Well, they're the privileged, the "worthy," the anointed and appointed to reign over the rest of us, the rabble, the unworthy. It may be true. Either way, my withdrawal is the proper path. I certainly wouldn't want to impede the worthy. Oh No! Let them proceed as intended. I just wish we knew what that intention was, since the anointed and appointed have no clue either. But you won't hear THAT from their lips.